Ways to Help Ourselves Amidst Tragedy and Trouble

It was brought to my attention that one of my younger sisters was troubled by my not speaking out about the recent police-inflicted crimes against Our Black Kings. There have been two back-to-back shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, and of course I have personal feelings about these events, but when they happened I had nothing to say, due to mind numbing dissatisfaction. And, I even had a hesitancy to speak about such things after my recent involvement in a gunpoint robbery at the hands of a young Black male. My hesitancy was about not wanting to attract another gun into my experience and has nothing to do with how I love Black Men. This love is in tact, and growing by the day. 

And so, I had thoughts, more thoughts than feelings. But, my immediate response was to turn away from the trouble and to go within and remain still. To listen for God's Voice. I do not believe the ultimate SOLUTION to our collective troubles can be found in buying into the current mass fear campaign. I do not believe that it can come through posting horrific images or blasting out outrage on social media. However, I do not believe that these things are useless. I believe they are a necessary and powerful start. Same-time, there are other methods/defenses that will need to be employed/deployed and I know you all know this and feel this and are doing what you can to honor this inner-knowing. 

I suppressed certain thoughts. Thoughts, like "the world is crazy," and "everyone is just doing their own thing anyway," and "some of these men are going to find their way into prison no matter what," and "If someone killed the love of my life, I would promptly become a killer, too" and other useless, condemning, judgmental and helpless thoughts such as these. And, I simply listened. It was brought to my remembrance that when I was 17, Spirit put me on notice that there might come a time in my current lifetime when three skills would be paramount in efforts of self-preservation. Those skills are 1. fasting: surviving on as little food as possible, 2. running: escaping danger and evasion, 3. and lastly, fighting: with my body, spirituality and most importantly with my MIND. Spirit said I would have to master my body, become invisible and use my mind to conquer the ills of the world. People who think the answer is coming from someone else getting their act together and embracing their own humanity are terribly mistaken. That doesn't work in any arena in life - never has and likely never will. The solutions are always found at the God-center - within - they are internal. Your peace, security, prosperity, values, help, instant knowledge and all over resources - including the most important one - YOUR LIFE - come from the God-center, which is found within yourself, at the core. 

Most people don't want to hear about God in the midst of tragedy. They don't want to listen to folks telling them to pray, be still, resist the temptation to engage violently with apparent opponents. They don't want to talk about these things because they don't believe they exist. They don't believe in any such thing as immortality or omnipotence. They believe someone is threatening their ability to exist, to move, to be free, to prosper, to produce and to live in this world, on this planet at this time and place. They do not believe God is real. They do not believe that they are real, or they do not understand that the base-truth of REALITY is that it cannot be threatened by anything or anyone, ever. 

But, ones who believe in God and believe that God is within them and that God is bigger than anything these news stations promote...bigger than any despair, pain, seeming loss, act or enemy will hear me, and may even enter immediately into action. This is a tempering of faith, the likes of which our ancestors faced. 

They never stopped lynching Black men in these lands. They never stopped hating us, and perhaps the ones who fear their annihilation and despise levels of humanity they could never attain to, will always hate what they can never be, do or have. It's pitiful - laughable even with the right perspective, but alas - it is not our issue, problem and it needn't be our concern. We are our concern - our children's futures are our concern - our personal interests, our lives are our concern. And, right now we feel our lives are threatened - we believe something must be done. And, it must. But, I believe the work that must be done is much closer to Self than we have previously fully imagined or intelligently considered. 

Right now the sense of fear we feel comes from a root of hate and has manifested itself in a myriad ways. I've placed these manifestations under the banner of DISPLACEMENT. 

Now before I share these outstanding insights with you straight from the desk of Spirit, please notice - more people are waking up, more women are natural, more folks are opting into entrepreneurship, reading, self-education, coaching, traveling, gardening, plant-based diets, sisterhood, bartering, serving, creating, freedom, LOVE than before. Can't you see? This is the TRUTH that these strange inhumane beings are seeking to distract us from. We are here, we are alive and we are awakening. I love the action I'm seeing. LOVE. These motherfuckers meant to infuse our majik with fear, instead they woke up sleeping giants, witches, archangels, ascended masters and enlightened ancestors. Now, this is how you FIGHT!

There are some great benefits and advantages that come with feeling not-at-home. People NEED comfort and peace of mind and heart - so when they do not have it, they are compelled to do whatever is necessary to create/have it. If someone (an individual or a collective of individuals) feels unwanted, out-of-place or displaced this creates an increased need, probability of and presence of RESOURCEFULNESS, CREATIVITY, FRIENDSHIP, CONNECTIVITY, SELF-RELIANCE & REVOLUTION to get that which is desired. 

And, certain things become a requirement to attain these qualities and to replace displacement with comfort and security - in a word, PEACE. Those requirements are:

  1. Optimal health (spiritual & mental health, primarily). Health means everything flows naturally, operates perfectly and attains to highest states of emotional, physical, spiritual bliss/being/beauty/potential/ability. This includes all the things you think, including intaking exclusively healthful, life-giving and energy-raising foods and substances and abstaining from degrading and death-inducing ones. It also includes regular daily movement, weight management, ability to breathe fully, great environments, powerful-winning attitude/mindset, meditative state and on-and-on. Pursuing optimal health will imbue the will with a confidence and a level of self-control like nothing else can. 
  2. Ability to think (especially on your feet). If you can't think, and this automatically entails controlling your mind, you can't do anything else. This is a specific aspect of our health and is fundamental to our ability to live and create our lives while responding or refusing to react to endless stimuli. Also, includes solving problems and inventing new solutions in response to any prompt, project or problem.
  3. Growing or producing foods - real foods - like from the earth foods. Every human needs air, water and food. Air & water are naturally provided or can be found. Food is a bit more involved. Learning to identify foods, procure and to grow foods is the task of every living thing. 
  4. Constructing shelter. Every living thing also requires shelter from time-to-time. It is best to know how to build, procure, find and attract shelter for safe resting outside of the elements. The primary purposes of shelter is to provide a means of immediate protection, privacy, spiritual practice, space to rest, think extensively and form plans. The primary target here is not to provide/create a place to hoard a bunch of needless shit that no one benefits from or uses regularly. 
  5. Self-control, because if you are not controlling you, someone else will and someone else is. Your life, emotions, thoughts, attitude, plans, habits, actions, decisions and purposes are all under your control. To get anything done you must maintain that control and if you are out of control, your chief imperative must be to regain control as immediately as humanly possible. Making someone else responsible for your life, results, concerns or goals is to live below the level of deliberate humanness and cannot be tolerated for any people or person's who desire and require peace, home, freedom or advancement. 
  6. Mental clarity. All of the previous items contribute powerfully to this. Meditation helps, no matter where you find yourself - so does prayer. Mental clarity is helped incredibly by sobriety (and this cannot be avoided, skipped, underrated or overstated), daily rituals (assuming these rituals involve a positive intent and effect - creating accumulated repetition, and thus power of some kind; rituals include specific time slots of study, exercise, preparation, spiritual practice and so on). 
  7. Ability to go without is delayed gratification and sacrifice with detachment as the objective. It is engendered through the holy practice of fasting. It is suggested as a matter of supreme importance that individuals find ways to go without non-vital things, people, places, activities, habits, luxuries and so forth that do not contribute truthfully to the advancements of the individual and her goals, and which have only contributed to the entertainment, stagnation, degradation, confusion, devolvement, silliness, weakness, ineffectiveness, mindlessness or void "fun" of the individual. Such things include, but are not limited to, smoking, drinking liquor, gambling, traveling, shows (of all kinds), sports, clubbing, overeating, magazines, drama, gossip, flings, affairs, being bored, video games, internet surfing and shopping/consumerism etc.  Your ability to do without these things for a certain period of time, occupying yourself with God, trainings and work, instead, and other things that offer a substantial return of goods, knowledge, resources etc means that if something were to be suddenly removed from your reach - you would maintain your mental wellbeing and personal equilibrium, and thus your ability to THINK and function effectively. That balanced state means that it would be impossible for you to ever experience the state known as deprivation and would rapidly manifest whatever you required and much (if not, all) of what you might desire on a moment-to-moment basis. 
  8. Comfort with discomfort is very similar to going without. It is a self-supporting state of mind that renders you rich, wealthy, sustained and prospered no matter where you find yourself. My big sister always says "comfort is for babies." This does not mean you live your life in squalor, or that you sleep on a bed of nails. It means that you don't require convenience, comfort or any particular blend of emotions or preferences to do the things that need to be done in your inner world, immediate environment or in any place you find yourself. Your ability to exist serenely and to operate effectively independent of circumstantial feedback will activate your resourcefulness like nothing else can. Your capacity for success also expands impossibly, when you can learn to be comfortable with discomfort. 
  9. Community! You are not in this world, life, boat or on your path, Homebound, alone. There are others here with you. Learn to discern who your friends are and who they are not. My baby sister said something so simple and so wise to me yesterday (something that judging by her age, she maybe should not yet know. These wonderful INDIGOS!). She said: "There is no such thing as a bad friend. Those words do not belong together. You are either a friend or you are not." Know who your friends are - work together, everybody wins. If you try to work independently or always need to remake the wheel, be in charge, start a new group, be right, live alone, separate yourself - many more people than is sensible may perish as a result of you being out of position, and generally not having the proper spirit of brotherhood about you. This does not mean your self-interests are invalid or unimportant. It means that you get what you want by helping as many other people get what they want as possible. It means that to be a leader, you must be the best servant. It means there are no self-made men, and you are not an island. It means we are all one, no exceptions, and if we are going to live and thrive, we NEED one another. It means that if we refuse to work together, we get to continue living in hell, instead of heaven or Zion or promise land or paradise - in Peace.
  10. Vigilance and watchfulness is true spiritual perception and insight. It means seeing beyond symptoms down to root causes. It means hearing the truth of intentions beneath the lies of spoken words. It means that you are impossible to distract, confuse, deter, disrespect, frighten or delude. It means you SEE and you inner-stand what's happening and you never (not for a second and not for anybody) pretend you don't. You see what is happening. You do not pretend you cannot see it. You take appropriate action and you do so even if the entire world calls you crazy. A supreme example of vigilance is Noah building the arch on drylands after endless years of droughts. Vigilance is the powers of foresight, insight and hindsight combined. 
  11. Education and awareness. In a crisis, many people push for the need to "educate and organize the people." For the reason that a crisis usually means there is a very urgent and pressing need, and education takes time - people consider it useless and brush it aside. In reality, education and awareness which are the mundane aspects of vigilance and watchfulness (the spiritual/ethereal sides of this same coin) is an ongoing, ceaseless process. If you are always learning and sharpening your skills, you are not likely to fall behind or to render yourself obsolete/useless/burdening/caught-off-guard/sleeping/unprepared. This is the same thing with prayer and spiritual practice and really all of these activities - they must be engaged consistently and persistently - in good times and in bad times. If they are continued in bad times, pretty soon things will change for the better and if they are continued in good times you are not likely to come into bad times nearly as often or for any other reason than that you require some reason to progress/grow/move/change.
  12. Wisdom means using what you know to achieve your objective. A healer once told me that the reason people suffer from ill-health is that they have bad memories. They forget what the milk did to them the last time they drank it. Wisdom will protect our futures by making intelligent use of our pasts, if only we can remember what has worked before and what has not and implement or stray as needed.
  13. Vision of home. This is simple and profound and cannot be ignored if any success is to be truly attained. You must know what you want. You must know what you are working, striving, struggling and fighting for. If you do not know where you are going and what you are doing it all for, you will be crushed in the end under the unbearable shame and weight of aimlessness. You will find that your efforts were...for what? And, this will block you from all feelings of peace, joy, pride and accomplishment. To help in this respect, we'd like to offer this guidance: No where outside, where thieves break in and steal, kill or destroy could ever be your home. Home is like everything else of value - it is within, it is real and it is yours for the having. 

I will leave you with the following hint, at the ways you are being attacked and WHY the foregoing insights and instructions are necessary to defend and preserve yourself to the point of living beyond threat and thriving beyond imagination.

You are a triune-being - a trinity within yourself.

a. You are spirit - at the core and this is the truth of you - the part of you that lives on forever, and which cannot be threatened. It's the inner God, same as the Most High God - impenetrable.

b. The next level of your being is your soul. If your spirit is the center "bull's-eye" then this would be the circle that wraps itself about that center-point. Your soul is a composite of your Mind, Heart and Will (power). These parts of the self can be lent out and bartered for things of lesser value, they can be compromised and they can be touched. This often happens through your senses, but can completely bypass all 5 of your physical senses and come through the ethers directly to your Mind. However, influences will more often come directly through your body, and it's five senses. That means the images you see, the things you hear, eat, smell and touch. These communications target your soul and send messages depending entirely upon the motives of the sender AND the vigilance of your conscious mind.

c. Lastly, there is the physical aspect of yourself. This seems like the largest and truest part of yourself, when if fact it's the other way around. The largest, truest, most enduring part of yourself is your Spirit, which cannot be threatened. This is why you must enable your Spirit to influence your Soul (mind, heart, will) through spiritual practices (such as meditation, purpose-filled living, prayer, chanting, yoga, creating, contemplating, spiritual retreats, laughter, reading poetry and scripture etc).

The thing for you to understand is that people can target and identify you by your body and they can even destroy your Body, but NOTHING and no one can destroy your LIFE. Your Life is God. 

Peace be unto you. 

Spirit with Ayodele




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