Perfect Logic Of Living Your Passion

I've just been reading Abraham-Hicks' wonderful book, Money and The Law Of Attraction. I highly recommend any works by Abraham-Hicks (Esther & Jerry Hicks), if you are interested in learning to deliberately design and create your life. I have personally read Ask and It Is Given, Law Of Attraction and The Astonishing Power Of Your Emotions. I have enjoyed many surprising, exciting, timely and beautiful manifestations when I have been absorbed in these books. I enjoy doing frequent refreshers, to keep myself attuned to Reality and Truth - which these books are all about. There are also many wonderful audio recordings and clips on YouTube, so you can indulge in those frequently, as well. 

Now, like I said, I was reading Money and The Law of Attraction, and it suddenly dawned on me, that people will pay me to live my best life. Think about it! How many individuals are you following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook RIGHT now for the simple fact that they are beautiful, wealthy, live adventurous lives that you aspire to, make you feel happy or share information that you enjoy hearing about? How many people are you following so that you can see pictures of their new clothes, homes, cars, boyfriends or whatever? How many books have you run over to the bookstore to purchase, simply because you liked the author or her style of writing or the subject matter?

People will pay you to live your passion! It makes total and perfect sense. They love that you rise at 4AM to study, meditate, pray and practice yoga. They love to see the photographs of you mixing up herbs in the kitchen. They want to join your webinar because they love to hear you speak and can't get enough of your humor and insights! People line up to attend your seminar or to join in on your coaching classes, because you have figured out your purpose and live with passion and they want the same. Folks will compensate you for living your dreams and for showing the evidence of this boldly demonstrated manifestation.

Loving yourself will prosper you! Living your life beautifully and gloriously will draw people to you. Being your truest, most unabashed and authentic self will drawn people to you like the moth to flame! What a beautiful idea! Everyone can win here! Everyone can grow and by shining your light brightly, others will be inspired to do the same (DUH!), and THAT is the inspiration that they will be lining up and paying for! So, your question to yourself today ought to be - how can I live more of my PASSION!?



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