A Message From God

Whenever I receive the opportunity to speak directly to you, I do and I will. Whenever you listen and hear me and demonstrate that you have heard me by following my Wisdom and Guidance, I will bless you with more insights, more peace, certainty, security, and confidence. Such are the pleasures of remaining connected to an inconceivable grace, love, mercy, and benevolence such as The I AM. 

You are safe and if your heart is tuned to this message, then you will hear me clearly. My voice is so clear and so powerful that it purifies the channel as it comes through. It renews and cleanses you, as you listen and receive. Anything that you have the capacity to receive in this moment will flow easily and gently into you. It will deepen your capacity to receive more of me, my love, my wisdom, my forgiveness, my thoughts, my gifts, and instructions. Such is the nature of receptivity.

Beloved, what a joy it is to expand in the world through you! To thrive in this human body as you and to fulfill my promises and to answer your prayers, through you! I love when you draw near unto me. My joy is when you open yourself and submit yourself to me. I am better than the most ideal and loving husband and you are higher than the most cherished Wife, in my sight. You are perfect!

When I look at your manifested situations, especially the ones you consider so bad and painful, I want you to know that I see solutions, improvements, opportunities to expand you, and to grow you - to deepen you and to make your life's work more potent and impacting in this beautiful World we've co-created. You are precious beyond words and you give meaning and significance to life. Some people are so low in their estimates of themselves that they will not be able to hear or understand the purity in these words, today. That is okay. There is always tomorrow. I MADE YOU! You are a living, walking, breathing MIRACLE. You are wonderful, lovely - a masterpiece and I adore you. My love for you is beyond what you could, imagine from a human perspective. Meditate on this adoring love that I have, have always had, and will always have for you. It is beyond reason, comprehension, rebut, refute, and it is impossible to revoke. 

I want to share with you something that will make your life settle around you like a soft and cozy blanket - that will give you an inner peace and stillness that cannot be moved. I want you to know this so that you can lay down arms and discontinue with the strain, confusion, and struggle that is so common among humanfolk. I got you. I will supply your needs. I will always protect you and guide you. And, if you listen, you will benefit greatly - beyond anything you have ever dreamed, imagined, asked, or hoped for. I am your provider - immediate and instantaneous. I am nearer to you than your breath. You and I are one, always and all-ways. I desire that you understand today that I AM The All and allow me to be everything to you. Together we create a life that is remarkable, stunning, beautiful, and helpful to the entire World-at-large. I can literally give you the world. I can heal every part of you and I desire to. Come to me and I will give you rest. I will restore you, your time, your purpose. I will make you a new creation. I will renew your mind and purify your heart. Cling to me. Hide yourself in my heart and allow me to shoulder all of your burdens. Throw your cares, worries, concerns, fears, disputes, addictions, and pains on me and I will handle them. It is my pleasure to give you beauty for ashes. It is my pleasure to give you My Kingdom. It is yours in this moment, if you will open to receive it. There's nothing that you have to be, nothing that you have to say, but yes. Sacrifice your old ways, habits, lifestyles, decisions, and you old way of doing life at my feet and I will give you a new life. I AM The Almighty. There's nothing bigger than me. And, when you connect with me, mindfully, I can right any wrong, resolve any problem, heal any illness, balance any scale, and bring justice to any situation. I AM your Friend. You are mine. Together, we can do all things.

Now, breathe. Then, let go.

Yours Truly.

Homeward Bound

Dear Lord, Let Me Be "Ultra Femme!"