Dear Lord, Let Me Be "Ultra Femme!"

I'm Ayodele. You may not know it yet, but I am your Sister. Sister in at least two ways. One:  I'm like a nun - well, a pagan nun. I strive to love and know God more, even to the point of personal pain, loneliness, and discomfort. I strive to recognize and honor the God in all things, to the heights of my conscious capacity. And, I strive to share. Two: I'm going to tell it like I see it...just like a sister! 

Today is full with lessons -- overflowing really and these lessons are pure, profound, impacting (the way a bullet is impacting) and they are legit messages sent by Spirit. One that I'd like to zone in on is specifically for the ladies and those who love 'em, and is one that is helping me be refined in character. It concerns feminine energy. 

Le sigh! 

I have felt very masculine these past months - my masculinity kicked into high gear last year when my self-preservation instinct went into overdrive. I wanted to escape, I wanted to burn the bridge behind me and as a Sagittarius, I find a deep pleasure in doing so. But, after the fire burned down and the night turned to day and back to a calm night, I continued with this mental offensive tirade bitchfit thing and it's been really exhausting. 

I am so happy that I am not bound by my past and that my new creations and Universal laws are in no way bound by our former choices. I am grateful and relieved to be settling and shifting back into a state of being that is contemplative, reflective, nourishing, beautiful, calm, poised, reflective, introspective, divinely womanly, silent, intuitive, magical, and blissfully free of cares. Ooooohhhh. It feels so good. 

I am sure that there are others among us who desire to enjoy the calm, serene, and tranquil ease that comes of being feminine. Maybe you have never enjoyed a long relationship with a Piscean man who could and would induce immediate trances in you through Tantric practices, and so maybe this all sounds foreign, at best. But, if intuiting answers, flowing confidently, endless creativity, celebration, effortless attraction, magnetizing the same and opposite sexes, enjoying sensual experiences deeper such that even pain is transmuted into pleasure - if any of these things sounds good to you, then Honey, I suggest you make it your intention to slide easily into your feminine energy. Ask the Divine Mother Spirit. She will deliver. 

You will feel forgiving, hopeful, enchanted, inspired, beautiful, poised, relaxed, grateful, favored, and blessed in that luscious, moist, warm, cozy, homey energy. This world has been in the habit of exalting the external-active-warlike-aggressive-gogetter-dominating-fiery energy of the Divine Masculine, such that we rarely take a moment through meditation, humming, singing, swimming, walking slowly, making out, daydreaming, gardening, or belly dancing to relish our feminine energy. But, this is your invitation - whether you are male or female - but especially if you are a woman who has spent much time in that fiery masculine frequency to the point that you are experiencing burnout - to come and replenish yourself in the bosom of Sacred Goddess-hood. 

I love you, 





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