Jealousy Is Absurd

Jealousy. It's an icky topic for me because I have worked to opt out of that mental-emotional state for the simple reasons that 1. I don't like how it feels, and 2. It's silly. But, it happens to the best of us, right? So, let's talk about it. 

Jealousy happens when we compare ourselves, our reactions, behaviors, ideas, results, lives etc to those of others. The crazy thing about it is it's like a diamond comparing itself to a twig or a lionness comparing herself to an oak tree. Or, the moon comparing herself to a cork board. OK, that's a really rough analogy. But, here's what I mean by it: You are a unique phenomenon in creation. There will never be another like you. So, comparing yourself and drawing whatever conclusions you've drawn that then inspire feelings of disliking towards another because you perceive them to have something you think you don't... is utterly and simply absurd. We are all human and there are a lot of similarities but you are special. We all are. So no one is...sort of. 

Let me say this another way. Remember #SmashPedestals, right? No one is above you or better than you and no one is beneath you or worse than you. No matter the circumstances of their lives or the appearance of conditions. So, comparing yourself to anyone when in reality we all spring forth from the same Intelligent Universal Substance is a worthless waste of time. 

But, on the other hand, maybe others do have something you don't have. I mean, they're themselves. You could never be a better them than they are. But the righteousness of this whole truth is this: no one in existence can ever be a better you than you are.

See? Jealousy is even silly-sounding to discuss. 

But, let's keep talking for just a couple more moments about it so we can process it out of our systems and be grown, spiritually mature adults. I had another thought - it's something Mama Iyanla Vanzant says: Comparison is an act of violence against the self. 

Oh oh and here's a tip: Jealousy isn't happening when we are in service to others and working to make contributions to the world around us and the world-at-large. And, when we flip the compassion switch we aren't likely in judgment so we probably won't make it to jealousy because jealousy comes after judgment. 

Here's what I always advise my sisters: When you look at another sister, instead of finding a reason to feel bad about yourself, find a reason to feel inspired and grateful. This cures jealousy like a magical balm. 

I love you, 


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