When You're Convinced You're Not Good Enough...

Act anyway. 

If you feel like you can't - I'll help, because I know you can. 

I read about a man who was taught to swim by his father who threw him repeatedly into the ocean until he finally got the hang of it. Effective, yes? 

Well, that to say, when you are put into a situation where you must perform or drown...you tend to do what needs to be done. You find you are actually more capable than you realize, despite your current level of knowledge. 

But, what about those times when you feel stuck and you cannot bring yourself to take that leap of faith?

When you know what you want to do and have every reason to do well - you know your BIG WHY and you are driven and determined to be successful but...You just have one problem: You don't think you're good enough. 

You can move yourself to action by being completely honest with yourself. What are your so-called weak areas and what are your strengths? Facing the facts and accepting yourself anyway, loving yourself deeply and completely despite the things you don't do well - is the golden ticket to moving yourself into action. In a word: Self-trust. That's what this is all about. 

So, I may not have the skill set just yet, but I trust myself and I know I can acquire them. I've been acquiring skills all my life and I can continue to do so in order to bring my dreams to fruition.

Here's an example: I am an advocate for The Sisterhood - the collective unity of all women everywhere in the Universe and all who embody Divine Feminine energy primarily. I write, I study, I teach, I facilitate, hold space, guide, advise in business and spiritual matters and I speak. 

My weak area? I don't enjoy being with or around too many people at all. It is outside of my comfort zone to have many friends and to share space with people (especially when they are talking to me endlessly - LOL). I do not form friendships with too many people because there are few people who I desire to allow to become people of primary influence in my life. 

Do I allow that aspect of myself to hold me back from doing what I know I was created to do? No.  Actually, I can't allow anything to hold me back -  not even myself. I am proposing that you not allow aspects of yourself to hold you back either. If you suck at spelling but you were called to be a writer - employ an editor. Simple. You can compensate for your so called shortcomings with the help of those around you. You can still strive and live a life of Purpose. 

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Loving you! 

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