Twirl On Your Money Worries Like A Boss!

Recently, I decided to take a big step and leave my sales job. I was working 10 to 12 hour days, driving from 2 to 3 hours a day in bloody rush hour traffic and when I didn't sell I wasn't earning much. When I calculated what I was actually earning in the business on a monthly basis it came to about $3000. Yeah, not worth it to me. So...

And yeah, it has been really interesting so far. I have received money everyday that I've been on my own and I have discovered countless options for earning money from home. I have created a daily plan for myself which I have slowly but surely started to implement. 

But this morning, I felt myself freaking out emotionally. About...yep, that's right - M O N E Y ! What am I going to eat? How am I going to pay the bills. Oh my gosh, this is due and that and that and that! What if I can't pay it? What if no money comes and what if I can't build a successful business and on and on with the self-torture. 

So do you know what I did? 

Damn straight! I took a bath and I spoke to Spirit and I said everything I was feeling and I asked for help in so many words. And then, I calmed the hell down. Spirit told me that I could either go back or go forward. She said: This is your life. 

I had brief bathtub-reality-check and what I realized is that I already have a cool way of hitting my first target goal of $6000/month. And that's just with the online work-from-home stuff. If I get paid $5.00/review and when I complete 40 reviews a day that's $200 and if I do that everyday that's $6000, right on the money! 

Now, I may or may not take this option but what I realized is that this simple mathematical equation can be applied to anything. Sell 40 units at $5.00 a pop every day of the month and receive $6000 a month. Whoosh! Bam! POW! 

Easy as pie! 

So, why am I sharing this with you? Well, because I know that money stuff can feel a little scary and intimidating at times and it may cause you to panic emotionally. You can relieve yourself by consciously selecting some new thoughts and even taking a look at your actual reality. 

My elder sister says: Don't worry until it's time. Meaning, don't torture yourself with worry thoughts before the thing you're worried about even actually happens. You cut yourself off from your genius creativity and cut into valuable grind time. 

So, here's what I realized: There are so many legit options for earning money in and outside of the home and there are quite a few that I could tap into today, right now, in this moment but I don't want to sell myself or the world short by continuing to work for money alone.

And here's another confession (something I recognized yet again about myself): I'm low-key lazy and work-averse. And, that simply isn't the way of a #bossbabe. Instead, we attack challenges, take initiative, do our best and keep going - even when it's not cool or cute or popular. And plus, life is too short to be lazy as my role model #GirlBoss Sophia says. 

I am saying that to myself as much as anyone else who may need the reminder. Now, I will leave you with this: One day you won't even remember these tough times and if you do it will only be the laugh at how silly you were to worry. In addition to that, thank you for being a bomb-ass #bossbabe and for going for your dreams and refusing to settle. You give me life! 


Ayodele Fuega


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