Shhhh...Can You Keep A Secret?

You know those days/weeks/months when you are literally on fire and you receive a minimum of one genius, money-generating idea every 15 minutes? And you're super excited? I'm talking about bubbling-over-so-hype-you're-about-to-combust excited! You know how that excitement literally makes you want to run and call your mama, best friend, sisters, ex-boyfriend (nah-nah-nuh-boo-boo!), Oprah, and your favorite news outlet to tell them the great news? You had a genius idea and you're going to be an overnight millionaire just as soon as you implement it and they better jump on board with it now because this idea is smoking-hot!

Yeah? Well, resist the urge to run-tell-dat! I'll give you two very compelling, honest and grounding reasons for why you must bite your tongue and keep  your idea(s!!!!) to yourself. The first reason is this: When you realize that Oprah, the President and your mama are just NOT that excited about your idea as you are, it might bring you crashing back down to earth. Understand that the idea wasn't given to them there's literally no reason for them to know the idea before you bring it into the physical reality. So, don't go around giving up the magical recipe...Instead bake the pie and when everyone shows up...divvy the slices and charge 'em! (Feel free to give your mama a discount). But first, protect your dream/idea/goal/plan and keep it private. Napoleon Hill said it this way, "Tell the world what you intend to do but first show it." 

Now, the second reason is the converse of the first one but it is equally important and distinct. So, let's say we go around talking to people about our great ideas and they go bananas! They celebrate us and tell us how amazing we are (Aw! Kind of you to notice!). What actually happens is the opposite of what we might like to happen - instead of feeling inspired to take action - we actually become complacent. We have received a celebration before the results are produced - we have robbed ourselves of a lovely incentive. Understand: When someone celebrates you for your awesome God-given idea, your brain may become confused and think you've already done something. Then, you end up thinking you've done something. But, you haven't.

And so, in conclusion, don't share your plans all willy-nilly (be mindful and use extreme discernment when it comes to sharing). Obviously, sharing with your business associates and mentors may be relevant and highly recommended for feedback, encouragement and accountability. 

Good? Good!



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