Generating Income Is Easier Than You Think...

I've just reemerged from a nap and I had a thought I'd like to share. Sometimes we make things so difficult. But, when we actually stop to take the time to think about things we find that it simply isn't as difficult as we think. 

Consider this. I used to sell Timeshare in Las Vegas. I believe in the concept of vacation ownership strongly and I think it is a valuable investment into one's health, life-quality and should be purchased when affordable. At the same time, I noticed one day that I will receive an initial downpayment anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand dollars depending on how much time the family desired. At the end of the sale, people walked out the door with a book and a manila folder full of paperwork that some human somewhere had typed up, along with the promise of future vacations in 4 and 5 star resorts. 

That's all. 

I ask for $4500.00!? And in exchange for the money I give you a book to walk out of here with today?! Expensive damn book! ;) 

Here's another example, I take many online classes and essentially it's some man or woman on a recording and they are talking to me and I either make it through the audio programs or I don't. I either read the words on the sheet of paper or I don't. I either watch the videos or I don't. I either apply the information or I don't. I either attend the seminar where a person stands on a block of wood and talks to me or I don't. They still get paid.  If it's Ram Charan on a weekend in Philly - the price tag might be as much as $50,000

It's all fun and games. People pay us for what we know and the results that they HOPE we can help them attain in life. We make it so difficult but the world has made it exceedingly easy and accessible for all of us. (Smile). So, if you want to begin to generate income for yourself you definitely can. Is there any information or knowledge you have that other people can benefit from? Would you be willing to document it and package it in a neat way to present it to others? Would you then be willing to set a price for the package? Yes and yes? 

Well, my friend you are willing to earn some money from your talents ;) Hop to it! 



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