When You Don't Know Which Path To Choose...

What the hell are we supposed to do when there are too many options on the table? Who knows which one to choose? How do we decide which path is the best one to take? Well! I'm glad you asked. (Giggle). I had the same question myself today. 

There are so many things that I want to do and so many paths I could take to move in the direction of what I desire. Do I take the scenic route, do I simultaneously drop a bombshell on and pull the rug out from under my life and operate as I usually would?  Do I sit back and wait for the answer to bite me on the nose? Do I carry on like I don't have these longings and do nothing significant?

Have you ever wondered about how to make the "right" choice for yourself? I was caught up in a lot of mental chatter today and I spoke to a few people but it wasn't until I took a chill pill and tuned into Spirit that I learned what to do. 

You may laugh at what she said to me (I did) but if you take a moment and ask yourself the same question that my Higher Self asked me, I think you might find benefit in the questions. 

She said: Ayo, what would you do if you had $300,000,000 in the bank - free and clear, no debt, zero obligations or inhibitions, bulletproof confidence, no terror and you had a hand written note of guarantee from the Ascended Masters that you would not fail, under any circumstances? 

Whew... Out came the honest-to-Self answers... I knew what I'd do step by step... Well, She said: That's what you do. 

But if I had $300,000,000 in the bank then I could afford to do those things, I pouted. 

Her reply: No worries. Just work towards those things and enjoy the ride.

Pretty clear. 

Oh, and here's an added tip: on a moment-to-moment basis, when you aren't quite sure what to do...stop your whining and internal mumbling and do what Bashar says and "follow your highest excitement." 

There. That should do it!


Your Sister Ayodele

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