The Potency of Faith

This blog is Faith Made Easy.

Maybe you have been confused your entire life about what FAITH really means - what it truly is, and how to develop it. I am here to help clarify it. To break it down so "it can consistently and forever be broke." (Yes, I'm a Love Jones fan - who isn't?). Faith is complete trust and confidence. It is a state of mind - which you can induce. Here's how:

My love, my friend. This is your life. It can be as exciting, enchanted and as full of adventure as you make up your mind for it to be. Whether you have babies or not, a husband or not, a job or a few jobs or not. Whether you're living in the hood, on the streets or in the penthouse or wherever. You can be happy now. You reclaim your perfect health. You can experience the loving support of a circle of friends. You can design and co-create a life of wonder for yourself.

Yes you can. How? By imagining it! But, you must have faith in what you imagine for it to appear in your time-space-reality.

Faith begins with belief.

Beliefs are simply thoughts you keep thinking. What are your thoughts about yourself, love, money, exercise, relationships, friendships, money, work, energy, men, women, children, family, religion, the world-at-large, the nature of your being and on and on.

Whatever your thoughts are now - if you are mature mentally enough to comprehend the words I am writing directly to you, then you are mature enough now to choose better ones for yourself. You can decide what you will think. It's that simple. There are not many things in existence which cannot be argued one way or another. If you choose an idea, there will be plenty of logical arguments and supporting concepts which you will be able to use to securely establish these new ideas within. I suggest you do just that. But, first, you must choose.

But, you will need to know which ideas to think to create what you want. Yes? So, create a standard for yourself. A sort of rubric. I, myself, only have a few standards. They are these:  Does this idea make me happy? Does it help me to live fearlessly? Does it honor the Spirit in me? Does this idea give me life more abundantly? Does it align with what I know to be true about God?

I have thoughts like: Men are amazing! They are sexy, handsome, beautiful, strong, they protect me, they encourage me, they like me and they give me pleasure. Women are incredible godly creatures. Women are closest to God because of intuition, the ability to bring forth life and to command the ethers. (Of course, men have these powers too). Women are loving and community-oriented. Every woman is my sister. Children are soft, resilient, adaptable, loving and loyal. They want to give and receive love. They are still very close to God. Their intuition is strong. Money is lovely. I enjoy money to the max. It's always rushing in avalanches into my life. I love using money to move my plans forward and manifest my desires into physicality. Family is the greatest wealth. Family are the earth roots. I honor this bloodline with my thoughts, deeds, words and creations. I have been here before and will leave a legacy of wealth, intelligence, spirituality and power for future versions of myself to enjoy. And on and on.

At the basis... I am always an individualized expressing manifestation of the Most High. Therefore, I am eternal and divine. I enjoy the power to create. I enjoy the ability and capacity to know more and be more by raising my consciousness.

You see? When you choose thoughts like these - being in this world is a thrill. Dealing with people compassionately is a breeze. Forgiveness is bliss. Money is pure. And, fun is constant. Then you keep thinking these thoughts and looking for things that reinforce them - ignoring things to the contrary. Why? Because it is your right. It is within your natural powers. Lastly, because those contrary things will not appear in your reality anymore once they've been flooded out. There will be nothing in you to recognize them. Only the thoughts you hold make you a match to certain experiences. Sure, certain things exist in other people's realities, and that is allowed, there's no reason to fight that, but these things do not need to exist for you. And if you keep certain thoughts, certain experiences/people/things won't be able to see you. It will be very much as if you are invisible to them.

Once your thoughts become repetitive over time, they become beliefs naturally. Then, you begin noticing that reality aligns itself with your beliefs. Then, you keep those things in mind - keep remembering the healing, the opportunities and solutions, the serendipity and synchronicity and your faith will be as solid as the trunk of an old oak tree. Actually more solid than that!

Then when you pray and speak things into existence. Those things which align with your beliefs will carry the potency of faith and demonstrate rapidly.

See? Easy as pie!



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