Know ThySelf: The New Self-Image


When I was in the 4th grade, my mama would affirm every morning before school. She'd say the same things over and over. She'd say (while looking me straight in the eye and sometimes pointing her finger like a good ole witchy mommy): "You are a leader, not a follower. You are the head, not the tail. You are extraordinary, and never ordinary. Remember who you are and whose you are." Then, she'd send me off for a day of success. These thoughts sunk down into my subconscious mind. And to this day, I still could not tell you where my Mama got this divine idea to affirm her 8-year old daughter. No matter. It changed me. 

Now, I always operate with the mind of a leader. I am usually in the position of organizer and facilitator. I enjoy confidence as an almost constant companion and I enjoy the fact that I am different and unlike the masses. I like being in the top percentages of any arena I find myself in. I don't mind being the odd one - the weird one - or the unpopular one, albeit hard-to-miss one. I would rather be extraordinary. I identify as an individualized expression of the Most High. God is my Home and my Source. I remember that I am eternal and so I rarely have a moment of fear. The ideas that my Mama implanted in me as a young woman-child are the foundation for a powerful and cosmic self-image. 

When we have a powerful concept and image of ourselves then we easily and effortlessly operate according to that self-image. Actually it would be impossible to act, behave or operate contrary to this self-image. But, what are we to do when we find ourselves in a new arena and we feel afraid? What shall we do when we begin to question ourselves - when our confidence becomes shaky and we doubt whether we really have what it takes? 

We return to the basics. We revisit our foundation and fortify it. We revisit those basic questions: Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? What are we? 

Glad you asked. You are a little god. You yourself are made out of God Herself. You are a Divine, spiritual being on a journey, having a physical experience. You were born to win and prosper and every experience that comes is specifically designed to strengthen, fortify and refine you. Everything can be used to your benefit and it is within your abilities to see how all things and occurrences can be rightly used to benefit yourself and your life. You are ever a winner. You are ever-majikal and capable. You have endless rights and reasons to believe in yourself. You were created with a mechanism that serves you ever-faithfully and which will guide your entire self to the fulfillment of any goal or aim you set for yourself. You literally cannot fail unless you choose to quit and even then you will have set and reached a goal for yourself, of your own volition. 

Learn to see yourself as you TRULY God sees you and you will WIN. 


Your sister, 


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