A Moment of Stillness

Don't forget to take care of yourself and to take a moment for yourself, everyday, for restoration. You need it - to rest, to reflect and to simply be. 

Outside your bedroom door, there is plenty to worry about, to strive for, to achieve and to resolve. Why not take a moment to simply sit still and be? Focusing on nothing except maybe your breath can help you center in the steady peacefulness and gratitude of beautiful Spirit. 

It's a beautiful thing to simply be yourself and to experience the uninterrupted solitude and silence of the early morning quiet darkness. It's a best kept secret. 

Give this moment of rest to yourself. There are people in Japan who literally die of exhaustion. This happens so often that there is a word for it - karōshi. There are people everywhere who believe that striving, succeeding, "winning", being the best and whatever else is actually more important than devoting time to the most important people and connections in our lives. It simply isn't true. 

We must act like we know this. Everyday. 

Yours Truly, 


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