Hurt Feelings & Business

Smile. It's only business. Other humans influencing your livelihood without so much as a shadow of an indication that they are concerned about how you are going to feed your children. 

Breathe. Relax, it's only business...and inspiration. It is not a written or unwritten rule in this glorious century, day and age that you must work for anyone else. So, when you are dealing with shitty un-professionals and "higher-ups" or whoever else - do what a coworker of mine advises - evict them from your head space. 

If you're stuck worrying, fretting or poring over some little nonsense that some inconsiderate and unaware manager has said or done, you are allowing these little people to rent space in your head...for free! Breathe and let it go. Trust, people do not always know how they are coming across or how they are affecting you. They also may not really care so much. 

Fact is you will still be you and have you at the end of the day, regardless of their particular opinion in one direction or the other. Free yourself mentally of the burden and pain of other people's rudeness and be happy that you now have the opportunity to be even more mindful and considerate in your treatment of other people. 

If there's nothing in you that receives the offense then you will not be easily disturbed by others' bad manners, you see? I believe in you. You need only believe in you and understand that no matter what happens or doesn't happen, every day is a new opportunity. It isn't over until you win and you still have YOU. God is here. You've got all you need. 

So, keep calm and carry on, happily. 


Your Sister Ayodele

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