Your LOSER Associates Or Your Life

There was a man who was deathly afraid of going outside. His family pleaded with him and tried to persuade him to leave the house. He refused. He was convinced that if he left the house he would die. This went on for years, until the family, fed up with their relative's phobia, decided to call in a professional. 

The psychotherapist worked with this man until one day he finally got him to open the front door. They continued with their psychological work until one day the man walked out on to the front porch. Eventually there came a day when that man walked out into his front yard. Ah! They were really making progress. 

Then, there came that fateful day when the man who had been deathly afraid of the outside world walked side-by-side past the gate and down the block. Then suddenly, a piano fell from the sky and crushed...the death The End. Moral of the story? BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HANG OUT WITH. 

Your complaining, sick, broke, lonely, projecting-all-their-emotional-bullshit-ass associates? Get rid of them. You don't need em. What's more? You can't afford them. 

I know they have some really good qualities and you don't want to be mean and you are possibly even afraid of having no one to go to that party with on Friday night. Do it anyway. Just stop talking to them. Eventually, they will get the hint. You haven't the time to waste. And make no mistake, this isn't about judging them as good or bad humans...They just aren't going to be apart of your life. This is simply a choice you are making - the choice to keep your joy, your health, your wealth, your freedom, yourself. You can either choose to be "nice" (the etymology of which is "stupid") or you can choose YOU. If that's mean or selfish or "evil" or "judgmental" so-fucking-be-it!

If you continue giving your time, energy, space, attention and thoughts to those complaining, sick, broke, lonely, projecting-all-their-emotional-bullshit-ass associates, there will come a time when you too are complaining, sick, broke, lonely, projecting-all-your-emotional-bullshit too. 

You are too important. You are irreplaceable. Your future is too important and there is literally too much on the line to continue interacting with people who could not POSSIBLY wish you well, because they have not even demonstrated the spiritual maturity or psycho-emotional capacity to mean THEMSELVES well.

I had an associate who I have been trying to relieve myself of for weeks, tell me that he wants my face to go through a windshield. This type of abuse happens when you do not trust, love and honor yourself enough to say hell no when something or someone does not align with your life. There are people who have no place (none whatsoever) in your reality and world...Stop trying to help these square lames fit into your circle. Keep that circle tight, honey. Evict them. As far as you, your life, your goals and your future are concerned...some of the people in your life are utterly w o r t h l e s s. Notice, they are the ones begging you to come around? That's a clear sign, in and of itself.

Fuck being nice. 

This is your life we're talking about... Don't want to end up sitting in prison messing with the wrong ones, do you? 

No you don't. 

Choose you NOW so you won't have to make a difficult decision later on.



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