Life's Cute Little Obstacles

This story has two parts. I will begin with the latter and swing back around to the former. Part 2 of this story is about overcoming Life's cute little obstacles with preparedness, perseverance and positivity. Part 1 of the story is about guarding one's mind from other people's negativity and recognizing when one hasn't done the best job of it.

So, here goes! Part 2, first:  First of all, it was New Year's Day. No one was around so I decided to take my beautiful self on a date to see CREED. Loved it! Best messages I brought out of the experience with me were these:  1. Do what you love for as long as you can. And, 2. (paraphrasing) "I know I'm not ready and we're not going to do it but if we were going to do it how would we get it done?" Floored! Come on! Best approach to opportunity EVER. This movie receives a 10/10 from me! Go see it. 

So now, I'm heading out of the movie theater, minding my own business, when Spirit tells me to sit down and charge my phone. A fuse blew in the Mercedes last week so the cigarette lighter charger isn't working. So, I'm reading and charging the phone, charging the phone and reading. I let the thing get to 7% because I am confident that 7% is more than enough for me to reach my next destination.

Why is my phone near dead in the first place, when I'm a grown woman, with ten chargers and two portable chargers in my possession, you may ask? Well! Laziness. That's the whole answer.

So! I leave the movie theater and I'm now on the freeway, again-minding my own business and noticing that my car feels...strange beneath me. I notice a light rocking and I'm thinking..."my tire is about to pop" but I follow that thought up with a "Cancel, cancel." I don't want to be negative and attract bullshit to me. Then, I remember that a coworker was just telling me the day before about her popped tire and I felt a little tight at the thought. Oh no, what if her bad thoughts have hopped off of her and landed on me?! "Cancel, cancel..." and I keep driving and the car keeps rocking gently like a row boat, merrily merrily...

Then, I turn off the freeway because GOD is awesome like that and I am divinely guided and protected...and the tire pops.

Pause. Breathe. Here's the scene. I'm just off the 215 East, in Las Vegas Nevada on North Lamb Blvd. It's dark. It's winter. It's cold. My car's heat is due to be fixed next week so I am a little chilly. My phone is now on 2% and I am parked around NOTHING, in the middle of a field. It's so ridiculous, it's funny. I don't panic. I generally refuse to panic, in situations. I like the idea of remaining steely calm and being maybe the only woman in a situation not to lose her head. So, I dial two numbers. One puts me in touch with a guy I was seeing casually for a while and the other with my Fairy Godmother Tabia. While I am dialing the guy's number and it is dialing to connect, I quickly jot his number down in my handy dandy notebook. Tabia's - I know by heart. I give them both a rough idea of where I am. Tabia is cool, calm and collected like me. The guy?...He's pissed. Starts cursing. I calmly explain the directions again. Then, the phone dies and I wait.

I laugh a little to myself. Good thing I got some gas before the movie because I decide to leave the car running for a little while. Then, I decide to turn it off, because what good is it doing me, really? Then I wait some more and read a little. That's my favorite thing - you know - reading, so I do that. Then, I think to myself - should I stand on top of the car and flag down one of these passersby who must see my hazards and who are not stopping of their own accord? No. Don't want to be kidnapped by a drug addict, sex slave trader or a serial killer. So, I lock the doors and wait. Then, I pray a little scientific prayer and then I cast a little spell for the man to find me. Then the Fairy Godmother arrives because like I said, God is good like that.

Finally, some heat! Neither one of us knows how to change a tire and we don't try. It's pitch black out here - so we call the man. He is on the other side of town, totally no where close to where I directed him. No problem. I explain the directions again. He needs an exact address. Cool. We drive, find a structure, give him that address. Finally he arrives. Whew. We drive to the car. Fairy Godmother giggles at the hunk and drives off. Thanks Godmother!

He can't change the tired. It's too dark. Better change it in the morning. Then a she-officer arrives and tries to help. No bueno. Tire won't come off. She tags the car so it doesn't magically disappear in the night and we are off. I found out later from a mobile mechanic that the spare I had in my car when I bought the thing was damaged and if I'd driven on it I could have been hurt. Did I mention that God's good like that? Ha!

I'm proud of myself because the money I needed to resolve this issue was there...and not once did I panic. I also took action today to resolve some of these silly issues I've been allowing to exist in my life like small blown fuses that would be free to replace at the dealership. I also will not be going to sleep without charging my phone and two portables from now on. Also, feeling really happy and proud because I kept a smile the entire time and realized that there is at least one male in Nevada who will get out of bed for me at 10:00 in the dead of night, in the dead of winter to come change my tire. Awwwww. (Morales: Preparedness kicks Life's cute little obstacles in their cute little asses. More preparedness could have helped in this situation. Now, I know to keep a charged phone, a few hundred dollars cash on hand, address car issues immediately, change a tire on a Mercedes, I know a mobile mechanic and I now know how to drop a pin and give people my location. Lastly, I know what a car feels like when the tire is about to blow.)

Now for Part 1: A coworker approaches me and starts talking to me about how her back tire blew this morning and how it caused her to be late and a host of other negative stuff I didn't really care about. Yet, I continued to listen. Morals of Part 1 of my two-part story. Stop allowing people to fill your head with their shit and stop thinking that their shit can affect you. It can't unless you think it can. Their negative shit is allowed for them. It is not allowed for you. Be willing and bold enough to say, "I am not interested in hearing about that. It doesn't seem helpful. Would you like to talk about something else - perhaps something more beneficial to both of us?"

Then smile...and wait for the Negative Nancy to walk her un-happy little ass away. Bye Nancy.

The end. Happy New Year!


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