Questions For A Hustler From HOTEP of

  1. What niche will my business fill?
  2. What services or products will I sell?
  3. Is my idea practical, and will it fill a need?
  4. Who is my competition?
  5. What is my business's advantage over others?
  6. Can I deliver a better quality service?
  7. Can I create a demand for my business?
  8. What will be my legal structure?
  9. How will my company's business records be maintained?
  10. What skills and experience do I bring to the business?
  11. What insurance coverage will I need?
  12. What equipment or supplies will I need?
  13. How will I compensate myself?
  14. What are my resources?
  15. What financing will I need?
  16. Where will my business be located?
  17. What will I name my business?
  18. Who are my customers?
  19. Where are they located?
  20. What are their needs and resources?
  21. Is the service or product essential in their operations or activities?
  22. Can the customer afford the service or product?
  23. Where can I create a demand?
  24. Can I compete effectively in price, quality and delivery?
  25. How many competitors provide the same service or product?
  26. What is the general economy of my service or product area?
  27. What areas within my market are declining or growing?


Happy Planning!

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