Fail Brilliantly!


This means you made an attempt, you were brave and courageous and had enough trust in yourself to make an attempt, in the first place. Now, you have an extraordinary opportunity (one that others will never consciously allow themselves) -- to learn something from that failure. You have the blessed chance to improve and refine yourself and your approach to whatever you are attempting.


Like a small child, you have the opportunity to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and continue moving confidently and optimistically in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Yes, failure is natural. It is the pathway to success! It can be pleasurable if you choose to interpret failure as proof that you are on the field of life, playing the game, rather than sitting scared with your tail between your thighs whimpering, speculating, but ultimately, cowering away from your precious life.

Many people are so scared to look stupid, to be talked about, to be criticized that they hide their talents, skills and never work to acquire new skills, develop their talents or venture into new arenas.

But, true failure is to refuse to make an attempt or to retreat after you've only given a half-hearted attempt. Don't shortchange yourself and life that way! Life is for living, growing, expanding, prospering and ascending.

Approach each activity with the open-mindedness and curiosity of a child. Don't hate on yourself or talk nastily to yourself. Instead, choose to be so absorbed into a new activity that the thrill of that freshness carries you through each inevitable setback and temporary defeat.

What we think of as failure is not true failure. In fact, the only way we can "fail" is to quit. Quitting is final and it is a waste of time, because if you think about it...what else are you doing with your time and life besides trying again, working at it, making improvements, getting better and striving?

Thought so.

Your Sister Ayodele


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