Sacrifice Excuses For Victory & Success!

EXCUSES. We all have them and some of us even entertain and discuss them on end. But the excuses that we hold (like ammunition in our back pockets to demolish our own dreams) are literally preventing us from enjoying and creating the lives we live and love.

I heard someone say that "an excuse is a well-planned lie." I agree, and as I have persevered in living more on purpose and as I've grown closer to God, excuses just seem dumb to me. When we excuse ourselves we are really operating in low intelligence. Instead, we could be in a mind that is geared towards finding and creating solutions.

I have prayed too many prayers in which I have recognized that God is the answer to every question, resolution to every problem and remedy for every ailment, to take my own excuses seriously.

This blog is a plea, an encouragement and a request to you to ditch the excuses so that you can live freely, beautifully and abundantly. Either you get you dreams or you get to keep your excuses. Choose wisely.




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