Rejection is Harmless

Rejection is a part of life and it is potentially another harmless aspect that you will deal with from time to time. Bottom line, there are going to be people who don't want what you are offering. They will come with a myriad of reasons. Fuck them.

Said another (gentler?) way, what you have is not for everybody. You are a unique phenomenon in the history of creation. There will never be another exactly like you. Every person will not resonate with you and the fact of the matter is that if YOU resonate and align with you, you will not need anyone else to. You may desire resonance with others, but you will not be desperate for it.

The best way to transcend the negative affects and hurt feelings of rejection is to love yourself through it. Remind yourself, if you have to, that you are worthwhile, beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary - because you are. You are especially wonderful when you are allowing the fullness of who you are to shine brightly through to the World.



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