You Needs Will Be Met

Life got real recently. I went straight out to Barnes & Noble and purchased a copy of a book I recall skimming years ago. It's called How To Prosper In Hard Times. It's a compilation of many writings from different New Thought teachers. I have been reading it obsessively and feeling stronger and better, in this very trying/strengthening life situation.

I highly recommend and encourage you to grab a copy of this book and to begin studying it. (I fully expect you to have a copy of this book tomorrow if you would like to use the power of your Spirit, mind, heart & will to rise above anything life throws your way.) 

In the meantime, I would like to share an idea that I found on page 46, paragraph 3: "He began to realize that since he was born, he had been taken care of; fed by his mother; clothed by his father, and watched over by tender, loving parents. This man got a job and was paid in a wonderful way. He reasoned that it was illogical to assume that the Principle of Life which gave him life, and always took care of him would suddenly cease to respond to him. "

Even if you didn't grow up in an environment where your needs were met - it is unreasonable to succumb to living without having your needs met. If you have lived up to this point having your needs met, then you have to understand that your vibration is one where you are matched up with life circumstances and situations where you are taken care of. That means if you are to lose your current channel of income, then another one will just replace it!!!!!!

Take that idea in, it's a savior.

Loving you,


Rejection is Harmless

Darling Reader--

Darling Reader--