The Move: 2016

I've decided to make my website less business and more me. What's on my mind - what's current, what's impressing upon me, and what's authentic. Nothing forced - all love. I want to be totally free and honest with you so that's the move for 2016. What I am learning in the world of sales and business is that people who are genuinely themselves, people who are happy and people who speak from the heart are the ultimate winners.

In a world, of constant marketing and persuasion - all types of people with their individual quotas and agendas all jockeying to win you over to their consensus, the one who connects with your soul, is the one who can earn a place in your heart.

Ultimately, I want joy, friendship, family, loyalty, honor, freedom, progression and peace. I want to be the truth and live the truth and I would love to be of service to others who share these goals. I believe in togetherness and I believe in work. I champion the sisters and the sisterhood bond and so that's all I want to do. I won't pretend to be anything I am not but I also won't stop striving toward ideals.

Your Sister,


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