So You're Afraid To Get A Card Reading?

This is how I help people eliminate the fear they have of fortune telling and predictions of their future. It is just like asking God a question and opening the Bible and finding the perfect scripture that responds precisely to your current situation. It is just like receiving feedback during a deep meditation. It is a spiritual practice based on Universal Law. You ask and you shall receive. You attract the appropriate answer to yourself. As you believe so shall it be done unto you!

There is nothing scary or weird about asking a question and receiving a clear and confirming answer. In this particular practice, an experienced Diviner draws little pieces of paper or cardboard from a stack and gives you intuitive responses which speak to your authentic Self and confirm answers that, in many cases, align perfectly with what you were thinking already.

Why is this practice even necessary since we already know the answer? This practice is helpful and sometimes vital because of all the internal clutter and the noise of the outside world. All the opinions, doubt, and fears we sometimes entertain have a way of clouding our interpretations when we receive an answer from Spirit. Sometimes we need to hear that same answer from an unbiased source in order for it to finally click and fall into place for us. This is why hearing it from the non-judgmental, intuitive and clear perspective of a Diviner can be just the tip we need.

This is a practice that has been used since ancient times in a myriad of different spiritual houses and traditions. No matter if you are a Voodoo Queen, a practicing Catholic or a devout Muslim -- this practice can create insight, focus and clarity in your life. But, nothing will convince you of this, my love, until you have given it a try for yourself. So go ahead and give it a try. Call 702-628-1042 TODAY to schedule your card reading.


Ayodele Fuega

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