ALL ABOUT MONEY: How Do You Honestly Feel About Money?

Anthony Robbins teaches about neuro-association, which (as far as I understand) means the way we associate anything or anyone within our nervous system. In other words, how does the thought of anything specific make you feel?

Today, we are discussing money. I have a very straightforward, helpful, and revealing challenge for you to complete. Sit alone and contemplate this question: How do you really feel about money?

I did this for myself tonight and realized that I have anxiety around the idea of having thousands of dollars. The fear of loss comes up for me as a kind of general undertone of 'what will I do when the money is all gone' or 'how long will it be before I am at square one again?'

When we have thoughts like these, the unfortunate thing is that we cannot easily draw the money which we desire. In other words, if you associate pain with having lots of money, then your mind will not allow you to attract, earn, create, grow or have it. We must learn to create a new association within our nervous system regarding what we claim we want. But, first thing's first! Answer this question honestly for yourself and stay tuned for how to shift that association, here soon.



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