Six Lessons About Work and "The Process"

Taking this month of Sweet November to pay close attention to the way I work, what I give time to and what's most important to me has been truly transformative and exhilarating. I sort of breezed through the months of Spirituality, in August, and Personal Development, in September, thinking I pretty much had those areas of my life down pat. Long story short, I was wrong, and this month of Purpose-Work has really revealed to me how and why I was wrong.

Now, in the month of October things kicked up a notch because focusing on health hasn't been a strong suit in my life for a few years, now. However, I did receive the news that somehow I was healed of a so-called incurable disease, without even realizing that this miraculous healing had taken place.

Let me stop right there, allow me to mention that I call this "miraculous" simply because doctors claim this illness is "incurable." But, the words of doctors don't really carry much weight with me, at all. I honestly feel that my healing happened with all the naturalness and ease of any healing. God is faithful. He does His work silently, beautifully, and perfectly always.

Now, I have been using this time to write 1667 words daily on the first draft of my manuscript A Dose of Something Fierce. There have been multiple days (maybe 4 or 5) where I had to make up for one or two days that I had missed, but I continued to do so. I have been writing and reached over 36,000 words today. More words than I have ever written on a single project over any amount of time. I feel extremely pleased with myself and am struck by how simple the writing process (simply sitting down and writing) can be. I have been writing since I was 4 years old and fell in love with the art. I write extensively on a daily basis anyway, but now that I am writing consistently on a single project, I feel that I have discovered a new superpower as a writer.

Over the past month, I have experienced too many revelations to possibly lay them all out on the table in a single blog post, but I want to share some of the more outstanding ones with you now. 

  1. At the first sign of discomfort, many people revert immediately to their old ways and discontinue a new project or process. Instead of jumping ship, work within your mind to recast the displeasure. Instead, find pleasure and comfort in the process itself. There is your workbench, ready and waiting for you every single day. Ready when you are, willing to support you through this work. A new, steady and perfectly dependable friend. 
  2. Every single day, we must work and practice our craft, period. The decision has already been made. There is no reason to wonder whether you will go to that thing that just came up, or go to the gym. Your commitment to working out every day for 30 minutes a day takes precedence. That's what commitment is. 
  3. There is no reason that you should not, could not or cannot work on progressing toward your ideals and goals. Time is passing anyway and it is best to USE the time constructively by dedicating yourself day in and day out to creating something wonderful with your own thoughts, feelings, and hands. 
  4. I picked up an old textbook. It's called The Compound Effect. It's magic in black and white. Check it out. It will put you in touch with yourself in a grand way by revealing to you your habits, beliefs, values and goals. 
  5. All life areas require work. This is the most important nugget of information that I have touched upon previously, and which was revealed this month. Spirituality, personal development, and health require consistent and diligent WORK. There is no way around it, so best to find ways to begin enjoying the work, now. 
  6. As a reminder. Commitment is getting rid of distractions because the decision has already been made. Discipline is remembering what you want. Consistency means doing the measurable work every single day without fail, no excuses. 

Enjoy your Holy Days Loves. 

Ayo out!

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