Artists Who Eat

Artists Who Eat

Teacher: Say it’s end of days, and you and your family are barricaded in your home with little food. You prepare the last of your food and only one of your can eat. You, as the man, must go out and get more food. Who eats? You, your wife or your child?

Man: My child.

Teacher: Yes, but how will you then gather your strength to go out and gather more resources for your family? First, YOU must eat.
— Sayyid Amir Mansur

Artists do not realize how much power and influence they have. You are the force that shapes and changes entire cultures and societies. You are the great equalizers. You may entertain the king or provide an escape for the peasant from his mundane workaday life.

Everywhere you go, people are drawn to you and attracted to your unusual deportation from sameness. You are beautiful and eccentric and freaky and terrifying and strange in your peculiarity, in your refusal to submit your uniqueness to the molds that society has crafted for you, to control, subdue, and repress you. 

You are the dream that others have dreamed, quietly and privately. You are the hope that there is more to life. You are the inspiration and motivation that inspires the less courageous among us to dare to imagine, dream, fail, work, persist, and eventually succeed. Your craftsmanship, dedication, design, hyper mental activity, contrarian behaviors make life interesting. 

So many are bored in their lives. Boredom kills. You remedy this. You present new answers to old questions, you expand consciousness, upgrade perspectives, shift paradigms, and confront the validity of outmoded philosophies. You root the possibility for tolerance, compassion, and love in the psyche of mankind. In ways that formal education, work, and dogmatic religion have failed to. 

You must be empowered to continue this necessary work which absolutely moves society forward. You must know this, or it cannot happen. If you are ashamed of your desire to be wealthy and rich, you are subconsciously ashamed of your life mission and personal expansion. You are looking at the masses of people who have prevented and refused to allow themselves to truly live and you are saying, in effect, if they can't truly live, why should/would/could I? Do not allow your compassion to undo you. Do not allow these lies of society controllers to dominate your thinking. You desire the wealth, riches, and comforts of life so that you may actually, truly and deeply experience and enjoy life, and inspire the many masses to do the same. You are not amassing wealth so that others may be restricted or held in poverty. You are doing it so that you may become a model of a fully realized human being. 

Do you understand the subtle shift? Do you see it? The number of those whom you may benefit, help, or serve is greatly reduced when you are struggling because you are not allowing or requiring compensation. The systems of this world require that you have financial power if you are to gain access, experience, specialized knowledge, and options. Currently, this is how it is. You can definitely change this, through your work, art, and efforts. 

Your willingness to be prospered is immeasurably and inseparably connected to your ability to inspire, create, motivate, rally, mobilize, influence, and impact the masses. Even if you become a possession-less saint-activist like Mother Teresa, you will still find a vast amount of wealth at your disposal and this will greatly increase your effectiveness. 

I love you always and forever. 


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She S.M.A.R.T. (Goal-Oriented) and Loyal.

She S.M.A.R.T. (Goal-Oriented) and Loyal.