She S.M.A.R.T. (Goal-Oriented) and Loyal.

She S.M.A.R.T. (Goal-Oriented) and Loyal.

I told her she smart and loyal, I like that /
That’s a major key /
Start a label, run it, sign yourself /
That’s a major key.
— Nas, Nas Album Done

My mentor's mentor recommends the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting process. That means that your goals must be

  1. S - specific
  2. M - meaningful & measurable
  3. A - as-if NOW
  4. R - realistic 
  5. T - time-bound 

Most people don't know what they want, they only know what they don't want. So, getting clear on what YOU want (not what ya mama or boyfriend wants, but what YOU YOU YOU want) is vitally important, and the beginning of the enchanted, extraordinary life. Napoleon Hill teaches in Think And Grow Rich, and just about everything else he's ever written, that A BURNING DESIRE (or a major chief aim or a definite aim) is the beginning of ALL achievement. (Specific)

Whatever we focus on, in life, we get more of. Whatever you can measure, you can scale. If you're measuring something in your life, then you can pinpoint the distinct elements that have created the specific outcomes you were going for. Also, your goals must be meaningful, to you. This means that they must be aligned with your personal values (interests, or what's most important to you) and/or they must be connected to some deep, personal purpose. Money isn't enough. (meaningful & measurable)

In Religious Science, we say "and, so it is!" When we pray, we are speaking our desires into existence, we are creating movements within the Universal Mind. We are molding consciousness and consciousness is life - it is the blueprint from which your life is fashioned. This is why prayers demonstrate. Thus, when we state and write our goals daily (morning upon rising and nightly before going to bed) we write and state them in the positive, first person, present tense. This is non-negotiable. (as-if NOW)

Steve Barnes (my mentor's mentor) wrote: If anyone else has ever accomplished what you hope to do (especially if they began where you are beginning), it is "realistic." You may have to adjust your vision: "you can accomplish anything you want, if you can just let go of how it's supposed to look." You may not be able to grow wings and fly (childhood ambition) but you can hang-glide, pilot, parachute, study birds, fly kites, hot air balloon-any number of things that satisfy the drive for freedom, exhilaration, grace in motion, and so forth. (realistic)

Set a deadline. "A goal is a dream with a deadline." Also, non-negotiable. (time-bound)

I encourage you to take time out to declare some goals for yourself. I have already started the process. 

Next, I recommend going to AstroStyle and getting a free natal chart done on yourself. For a more in depth reading head over to my girl Chartreuse's website. She's a beast with the astrology and other 'tings. If you don't know what time you were born, check your original birth certificate or ask your mama. This will give you insight into some of your planetary influences and some of your potentials in this lifetime. But, remember you're a woman of free will. You are not bound by the stars, you are supported by them. 

Lastly, if you'd like me to take you through this process of goal setting, I am more than happy to. If you struggle to suss out what you actually want, or aren't clear on your values, you have options. Either we can do an oracle reading or we can do a straight coaching session or two. Shoot me an email with questions or to schedule your appointment, today. 


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