Power Couple Love

A lot of y'all love Will and Jada, love Bey and Jay, love some Barack and Michelle, The Imonities, love the love of The Saints Journie and Seven Is - dream of one day being 1/2 of a power couple.

A power couple is two POWERFUL PEOPLE who come together to form the most potentially powerful partnership-union humans are capable of - marriage. This doesn't happen if one is a gold digger. This doesn't happen if one is the girlfriend or side bitch. This doesn't happen if either are obscure and not living his or her personal mission. Both must be powerful which is to say, at the VERY least, doing your work!

This is why Donald and that angry lady will never be a power couple, because who the hell is she?

If you are not doing the work you came to the planet to do it is almost guaranteed that you will not find your true mate until you begin.

Jada didn't decide to break into acting after meeting Will. They met on the set of a show. Jay didn't decide to become the greatest rapper alive after meeting Bey. And, you better believe she got her own. They met, in the industry after having already built solid careers of their own.

The way Michelle and Barack were already working in law and politics. The way spiritual work began before Seven ever became the luckiest man alive, merging with Journie. Think of how many years you followed and learned from Dr. Imonitie (Shanel Cooper-Sykes) before the FIRST time she ever even mentioned a relationship.

Tell me you see the pattern.

Climbers need other climbers. Builders need other builders. You will meet your true mate (the one whose mission, passion, hustle, values complement and mirror, add to and match yours) on the climb. You will meet them, while working, in your realm/market/arena/industry... This doesn't mean they will necessarily do what you do. It means both of y'all will be WORKING. But, please notice how closely the careers of the referenced power couples DO MATCH.

Don't be mad at me for pointing this out.

Now, you know what you must do.

Do you still feel like procrastinating, now?

Procrastinating on your work and distracting yourself with a boyfriend is a self-love issue, will likely end in heartbreak, and deserves urgent attention and response.

Self-love is like any true love. 
It means forever and always. 
It means acceptance no fucking matter what.
It means doing whatever it takes. 

You will know the moment you fall in love with yourself and your dreams. You will find it impossible to chase after things that are no good for you. THAT is how you will know you love yourself and your dreams. Til then? High-grade drama, time wasted, another lifetime down the hole. Don't worry, you're eternal. But, this JUST might be the only lifetime you'll have as you...honor that.


"Ultimate Success Formula"

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