Top Ten Favorite Books of 2016 (sorry it took so long!)

Yes, I know it's halfway through 2017, but I promise this list of favorite books of 2016, is worth it. Plus, the bright side is, you still have plenty of time to go hunt them down in your local bookstore or favorite local library, before I reveal my favorite books of this year.

In 2016, I read a total of 66 books (none of them in the Bible, get it? Lol) and out of those 66, here were my top 10 favorite... 

By the way, this post is specifically dedicated to one of my BFF’s Caressa Rolle, who doesn’t waste time reading books when I can read them first and then tell her whether or not they are worth the time. (Cause, that’s what friends are for!)

10: The Wait by DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good. Here’s a book where two extraordinarily gorgeous people who love God and Jesus, share what happens when two people make the decision to discontinue sexual relations with ANYONE (even people they are dating) until marriage. Now, the big jaw-dropper is that these two came to this conclusion without knowing the other person had made the exact same decision. Wowza! I have to say, I was impressed with how open and vulnerable Meagan Good was in these pages. She’s straight-up about how turned off she was by the idea of marrying a pastor, how God told her that DeVon was her husband (and everybody thought she was a little nutso) and how she felt judged for being a cigarette smoker, by EVERYONE, including DeVon. I can so relate! This book is totally worth the read, because while it was written by this appallingly cute celebrity Christian couple, you will feel like your big brother and big sister are sharing with you what worked for them without adding a hint of judgment to the conversation. Ahhhhhhhhhh, real Christians do exist!

Here's the talk review I did of the book:

9: Dollars Want Me by Henry Harrison Brown. I was most likely doing my usual cyber-stalk of awesome human beings (a daily, morning ritual of mine) when I came across this audiobook online. It blew me away. It’s that moment in the story, where the nerd (me) stops chasing the beautiful girl (money), and she (money) starts to pursue him (me). It’s a complete 180° shift from working in pursuit of money, to understanding that dollars LITERALLY. NEED. ME. You. Me. Us! Feel me? Yeah, you might want to go plug in your earphones and listen to this on YouTube, right now.

8: The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. One word: Assume. Now, you’ve likely heard the phrase “when you assume you make an ass out of “u” and “me,” right? Well, Neville completely reclaims the term “assume” in this short work. In fact, he turns it into a manifestation principle called The Law of Assumption. It’s when you assume the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and practices that are aligned with your desires, thereby stepping into the new reality, by becoming completely aligned with it. Riiiight??? Makes sense.

7: The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. Now, I still got an attitude about Rhonda’s team cutting Abraham-Hicks out of their runaway bestseller The Secret (movie), when it is very likely that much of their material was pulled directly from Abraham's teachings. But, then, Abraham-Hicks ain’t mad at Rhonda, so why should I be? That said, I finally picked up this book and I am so happy that I did. I read it while I was regrouping in Rochester, NY at my family’s farmhouse, with my three younger sisters, after being carjacked at gunpoint in New Orleans. This book took me a long way in refortifying my mind-frame and healing my heart and opening me up to all of the blessings that were spiraling around me. Like, hello – FREE RENT and a new car from The Parents? Lit. Now, I’m going to go ahead and just tell you that The Magic is GRATITUDE. And, this book is well worth the read because, honey, she gives you a ton of exercises to practice to raise your level of gratitude from bottom-feeder to top-of-the-world and the best news of all is that your EMOTIONS will skyrocket with these easy-to-implement exercises and strategies. More joy, anyone?

6: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. The only thing wrong with this book is that it ends abruptly. You see, this is the special edition of Meyer’s Twilight, where we take a collective exodus outta Bella’s self-loathing stream of consciousness and enter into the promise land of the mind of our immortal, romantic, oops-I-fell-in-love-with-the-human-I-wanna-kill-most Edward Cullen. Heart. Throb. (Boom-Boom, Boom-Boom!) So, we’re basically going back through the entire story of Twilight and falling even more in love with Edward, because he’s, like, so sweet, OMG! Can you tell I adore YA paranormal/fantasy fiction, or nah? This book is particularly impressive because the quality of writing is much better than the entire Twilight Saga, thus proving, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, kiddies. It was so well written that I almost went out and bought a copy of The Chemist…Almost. I’m still planning on reading Stephenie's new book and everything, but I will not be purchasing anything from Ms. Meyer until she releases the entire Midnight Sun. Damn those author-hacking-manuscript-leakers (not really). WE DEMAND A RELEASING OF THE COMPLETED BOOKS (really, really).    

5: Mental Equivalents by Emmet Fox. Let me start by saying this: If you don’t know who Emmet Fox is, and/or have not read any of his books, you’re missing out big time! He is undeniably and unarguably one of the best New Thought teachers ever. This short work, Mental Equivalents, much like Neville’s The Power of Awareness, will teach you how to create a mental atmosphere which will easily, effortlessly and automatically magnetize your desires to you. We could all benefit from this book.

4: A Happy Pocket Full Of Money by David Cameron Gikandi. An African Metaphysician-Author? Yes PLEASE! This book changed my life. And, you can find it online for FREE. I have never been able to think of money as anything other than energy since. His commentary on the “Illusion of Time” reminded me of one of my all-time favorite books – Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman – and reminded me again and again that I am eternal and I can co-create anything I damn well please. I also love this book because it doesn’t completely negate the practical sides of money or (the very goose-bumpy) conspiracy theory side of money either. He keeps it all the way 100, BUT, does not spend an enormous about of time singing the ole “ain’t-it-awful” song (so common among many New Agers who hate money). He mentions it, but he takes you SO far beyond all of that, because, like I said before – we’re eternal and money is just energy! What’s to fear?

3: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. This is how I knew my baby sister Maya Sierra and I are the same soul in two different bodies. (I saw her reading her own worn out copy of this book, the day I bought mine). I happened upon this book while standing in the checkout line at Barnes and Noble. I had never heard of Rupi Kaur, but was immediately drawn to the matte black-and-white cover. I opened to a poem, read it and I got that strange warm, fuzzy sensation that automatically lets me know I’m about to spend more money in the bookstore than I’d anticipated. This book is made of fire, faith, hope, resilience, tears, moon blood, and defiance.

It is the book every woman needs to have handy along with

-re-runs of your favorite 90s TV show(s)



-sappy lovesongs

-cat videos

-Beyonce memes

-smartphones programmed with your BFF's and sisters phone numbers in "favorites" 

-Kleenez know, the in-case-of-breakup kit? You have one of those, don’t you? Add Rupi’s book to that! Also…read it just because. It’s sway – hella sway.

2: War of Art by Steven Pressfield. This is like if your weather-worn, wrinkled, mean-mugging, marine-vet neighbor was actually a truck-driver who wrote a book about being on your shit and DOING YOUR FRIGGIN WORK. This is like, if the pages of a book could scream at you, morph into a goddess-muse who kicks you in the pants and makes you smile at the same time by touching your heart and making you want to get your shit in order and keep it in order and DO YOUR FRIGGIN WORK. This is like if all the parties + booze + once-a-year sales + Netflix-and-chill invitations were suddenly revealed to be just ONE enemy lurking in every corner of your life, and you’d suddenly received a letter containing the exact method of slaying that enemy on a daily basis. This is not a book, it is a blueprint. It is not a cute story or a one-time read. It is a reference for life, if you are an artist who is serious about your shit.    

1: A Moment of Silence: Midnight III by Sister Souljah. That are few people on the planet who I have never actually met, or shared a meal with whom I adore as much as I adore Sister Souljah. I wish she would just invite me over for dinner already and just let me listen to her speak, about everything and anything. This is the third book in the Midnight series. You know, Midnight, from The Coldest Winter Ever Midnight? My friends tell me he isn’t real, but I don’t believe them. I think he is as real as anything the mind ever conjured and I think that his level of integrity, strategy, strength, honor, love, commitment and diligence are possible. This book, like everything Sister Souljah has ever written, is packed full of insights, wisdom, truths, love, guidance straight from an Elder. Whole time, you think you’re just being entertained. Don’t sleep.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this book review list and I pray that my dedication to expanding my world and the world of my loved ones through reading, studying, learning, writing and growing inspires you and your family.



p.s. Y'all pray for ya girl...

For giggles xo

For giggles xo

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