Partnerships? Yeah...About That

It's the 7th month of my ReCreate Life solo coaching program! You know what that means, don't you? I get to focus on PARTNERSHIPS. Yay. -_-

But, first a recap of my Month of Friends & Family! I got to spend quality time with my sisters. It was heavenly. Near the end of the month, my sister got into a car accident and totaled her car. So, I proposed a sisterhood project.

I suggested that my two sisters and I put on a bake sale. In addition to pushing cupcakes, I thought it'd be a profitable idea to do hair and write other people's academic papers and to then save all the money we earned.

Our goal is to earn $3000 collectively, and invest it into a new car for my sister. That was last week. So far, we've collectively raised $1432. Cool right? The best thing about it was the ease and willingness with which my sisters agreed to work together. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, and I am so proud of us! 

Now, about the partnerships thing.

Just in time for this Month of Partnerships, I rekindled an old flame. That flame's name is Jeffrey Clark. He's my high school sweetheart. I was interested in working towards a relationship. He wasn't. I was annoyed, until I realized that this was an opportunity for me to revisit my beliefs and thoughts about partnership. 

Every month along this journey thus far has strengthened the gratitude I feel in all my major life areas. This month's focus is deepening my gratitude regarding the aspect of what I bring to the table in Partnerships. 

It has been a lovely experience for me to enjoy my singleness since I left my husband back in July of 2015. I will be divorced and fully free any day now. Certainly another blessing. Yet, after going through such a frighteningly violent and painful marital experience, I recognize the deep and pressing need to consciously create some new beliefs for myself before I go around lighting any other fires. 

The reason this is important is because our beliefs create our experiences in life. So, I'm not kidding myself here. I know I developed some trashy, less-than-serving relationship ideas - especially after that last thing. Now, we get to explore some empowering, pleasant and uplifting ideas about PARTNERSHIPS. And, right on time. Thank You Spirit! 


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