The Potential of Marriage

I hear people say all the time that men and women must come together. I don't recall anyone expounding on this statement though. So, I started thinking: what would life be like if men and women came together, on a one-on-one level, as in husband-and-wife? 

The world has, no doubt, torn wives and husbands apart. The 40-hour workweek and consumerism constructs are cornerstones in lives of modern-day compliant slaves. These ways of living and working require that we spend the majority of their time apart. Husbands from wives. Parents from children. 

Then, there is endless deceptive marketing schemes and no shortage of entertainment designed to make disloyalty and side-love culture commonplace. Other than the ever-famous "happily ever after" quip of fairy tales, there's hardly any support that longevity in partnerships even exists anymore. Yet, don't  most  people dream of experiencing the depths and beauty of True Love? I know I do. 

But, I'd be lying if I said I thought it was easily possible considering where the minds of the masses are right now. Good thing for us the TRUTH is it doesn't matter where mass mind is. We do not have to continue to remain locked into the idea shortage of mass consciousness. That's why it's important that we understand that our  thoughts are creative and that we control our own thoughts. 

We can experience true love, loyalty, unity and prosperity in our lives even if the entire world refuses to. Such is our Divine freedom.

Now, here's what I know. Everybody won't want to come along. Some simply will not be able to catch the vision until they see the fruits, and even then some people will swear it's luck and not dedicated work that has created the improvements and shifts you'll be enjoying in your life. Never mind them. Just know that when they come to you with open hands, you may be called upon and compelled by the Spirit within you to pour out bountiful blessings upon these folks for the sake of continued expansion. 

Now, on to some of the thoughts I considered:

When a Wife and her Man (lol) are of one mind, sharing values and focused  goals. When they share their spirituality and keep one another encouraged in God. When they openly and freely share resources and information and gently maintain accountability among them - like is made better. We don't have to wait generations to build the wealth, because when two come together in harmony like this they directly access the power of God. God's power created the Universe - imagine what it cane create now on this planet, through the love, commitment and dedicated love of two?

And, then when that love flows into the hearts of the children, IMAGINE! 

When I was 17, I believed it was my mission in life to marry and to create change in the World with my Husband. I have wanted to be married since I was 12 years old. The pain and pessimism of some of the older women around me caused this dream to become dampened within me. But, now, nearly 2 decades later that dream is coming alive again within me with new strength and vigor. God is  bigger than all the failures of our past and I am trusting, believing and knowing that God has the perfect mate for me and that we will create beauty in this World, together. 



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