Buying More Shit Won't Make You Happy

Degrees. Leased & financed cars. Costly shoe collections. Cheap-fad sweatshop clothing. Electronics that that cost as much as a used car. Thirty-year mortgages. Credit scores. Aspirations of Insta-fame. Dollar-dollar BILLS y'all. 

These things will never fill the void we feel. They can't satisfy us or make us feel safe because they aren't what we truly desire. They are the programmed wants implanted in our psyches by the schemes of deceptive marketers. 

Certainty that God is real, here, now, closer than our breathing, listening, responsive and benevolent. That we are eternal. Evidence that we can make things happen, that we can improve, transform and experience expansive good. To know and witness that healing is guaranteed. That we may become aware of useful knowledge and employ it effectively in our quests, accomplishments, contributive endeavors and pursuits. Feelings of peace, calm, joy, wonder, belonging, safety, significance and acceptance. A partner to co-create life with -- one with whom we share mutual love, respect, values, intimacy, spirituality and support. 

Freedom. We desire FREEDOM. 

Compulsory consumerism and symbolic values' based materialism was designed to make us compliant slaves, to strip us of our tribe and families and personal expression; to lure and trap us in an invisible, psychological prison of "never enough" and "separatism." And, it's all based on the impossibly insatiable need-idea that the next (always the next) purchase will finally bring us the fulfillment, peace and joy that we seek. 

What the hell are we trying to prove? 


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