How To Raise Money (entrepreneurs listen up)

Three weeks ago my baby sister Halle Mone got into a car accident. Her car was totaled. She went to the hospital, was cleared to come home and she's doing perfectly well now. 

But, she needs a car. She obtained 3 degrees in 4 years and has loans she needs to pay. She has two jobs and is usually up and out the door before the rest of us even wakes up. At 22, she has a social life and places that she wants to go and also responsibilities that she needs to handle. 

So, I listened to Spirit. 

The girl has degrees in culinary arts, baking and business. The answer is obvious for how to raise the money to replace her car isn't it? BAKE SALE. 

So, I pitched the idea to little sis. I said let's all do what we're good at. Maya Sierra (my 17 year old sis) and I will do freelance writing and hair. You bake some stuff and we will save EVERY cent we earn until we hit our goal. Within a few days Maya and I were in my bedroom bumping Beyonce and both typing away on our laptops. The first chunk of money came in. 

My sisters agreed that we would each do our part in raising money and it would all go to Halle to replace her car. There was no concern regarding who would do more work or anything petty or silly like that. We have a single goal. Raise $3000 and replace Halle's car. 

Two weeks ago Halle handed me a paper containing a rough draft menu. I typed it up and created an order form. Everyone in our home received a copy of the order form to share with their network/church/friends/relatives/coworkers. We even drew a thermostat to show our progress and taped it to the downstairs refrigerator. 

A week and a half later we are more than halfway to our goal with over $1600 in the jar. 

Now, it's not often that people listen to me when I start pouring ideas on them or when I hand them a workable plan for how to create a channel for income. But, my baby sisters are different. Where most people start making excuses for why they can't do the thing that must be done - my sisters get to work immediately. I'm certain it's because of who raised us. Thanks mom Connie Lowry

Now, there are many reasons why you might want to raise some money. The reason might be personal and it might be business related. Maybe it's a response to an emergency and maybe you need some seed money for your new business. The reason you desire the money does not matter to me. I believe each desire is legitimate. What you do to earn the money depends on what you have to offer but there are some universal ways to do this and these methods have proven to be beneficial since the first little girl painted a sign and started selling her grandmama's #lemonade on the corner. 

A word about mindset though: Some people don't want to take these types of suggestions because they are embarrassed of their need or desire for the money. Well, the longer you sit quiet with the need or desire, the sillier you look. Others won't do anything with these ideas because they don't want to be criticized by other people. LOL. This is literally the funniest thing to me. People may start out making fun of you but when that money starts rolling in, then who looks silly? 

Now, here are some tried and true methods of earning extra money (and the world we live in has made it easier than ever):

-Carpooling/riding sharing (these days it's call Uber, work when you want) 
-Part time and temporary gigs
-Room mating (I have a friend who earns more than $60,000 a year. Does she NEED to roommate? Hell nah. Does she? Hell yeah. She has a roommate so she can save money. She's eliminated debts and saved $17,000 in months because her prosperity is more important to her than immediate comfort...and she STILL is pretty cozy) 
-Babysitting (When I was a baby, my mama wanted to stay home with me so she started babysitting other mamas' babies too. My Nana has been working from home babysitting for as long as I can remember. She employs my sister and aunts as well since her babysitting gig turned into a full-blown daycare)
-Dog walking
-Car washes (I can already hear some of you coming up with excuses now. You don't need a team, a water tank or anything. You need a bottle of dawn, some old rags, a bucket and a small vacuum and you need to go knock on your neighbors doors and ask if you can wash and clean their cars for $30)
-Raffle (How about you take your 55 inch screen and raffle it off for $10 per ticket at your church?)
-Host a benefit (you can do this at your house - cook a meal and have people buy a plate for $30-50 each...if they know it's for a good cause - say opening up an herb shop for your sister they will be happy to contribute. Listen wealthy people do this ALL the time except the food is bland, they have to listen to boring speeches and the plates/dinners are usually thousands of dollars instead of $30-50) 
-Talent Show (in high school my group The Phenomenal Young Women's Club put on a fashion show and from ticket proceeds we were able to give one of our girls $1000 for college. Her mommy had just passed and it was a small token of support and love to a girl who needed all the community support and sisterly love she could get)
-Mow lawns (someone's gotta do it) 
-Shovel snow, especially in New York
-Be a personal assistant
-Write papers
-Coach clients
-Lay therapy (let people pay you to LISTEN to them) 
-Garage sale (letgo, offerup) 
-Pawn clothes and electronics you no longer use
-Meal prep for others, personal chef for others '
-Be a consultant (relationship, fashion, money, travel, etc) 
-Bake sale
-write an ebook (all proceeds go toward whatever you're desiring it for)
and on and on

Now, the only way you will ever actually do any of these things is that your goal is more important to you than remaining comfortable where you are. You've got to be willing to try and fail and keep getting back on your feet and working until you gather momentum and hit your mark!! (You sexy ass sharpshooter you!)

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loving you, 

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