I Wasn't Even Thinking About A Relationship

I wasn't even thinking about relationship shit. I was thinking about my money. At the prompt of my Teacher - I wrote out some of the beliefs I have been holding about money, which have been blocking me. Shocked the hell outta me...because the results of this simple exercise revealed so much more than I would have expected.

For years, I have known that I am free and have the inalienable right to choose beliefs that make life easier for me.

But, today Spirit carried this central ideal of my life further. She told me that I have a responsibility to myself as well as the inalienable right to choose beliefs that make me HAPPY, HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND FREE (and anything else I desire to be).

This is incredible because: Life is consciousness. Whatever you believe is what you get, period. That's the whole story. And, you get to choose your beliefs, which is as plain as saying you get to choose how your life turns out.

Now, if you want to know what you believe, then you simply need to take a look around at the results, experiences, circumstances and you will clearly see where your exact beliefs are. 

After that, there's a simple process of changing a belief. You simply have a conversation with yourself where you reason with yourself and talk yourself into a feeling of certainty that the new idea is real, is real for you, and is real for you right here and now. Naturally Spirit must be part of this process. With Spirit, instantaneous transformations because possible. 

Now, I went through this major beliefs upheaval today and I thought I was just focusing on money. But, what I've discovered in the past 6.5 months of this recreate life solo coaching program is that every area of life is connected to every other area.

For example, the way I feel about money has a lot to do with how I feel about me and how I feel about me has a lot to do with how I approach relationships. Something in me broke open and shifted today. I became instantly calm in my thinking and feeling about relationship. I don't feel the need to chase money and I don't feel the need to chase a relationship. A complete confidence came over me. 

Some transformations are so subtle and internal that they need not be talked about because no words exist in any language that could adequately describe them. I just know that this shift was beyond what my husband did when he cured my loneliness. This is the God-confidence that makes me know without a tremor of doubt that all is well right here and now, and it's already done for me. 

And so it is. 


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