Work is Cumulative

My sister dragged me out to a party in New York the other night. It was an afrofuturistic themed party set in a beautiful artist's studio. Drinks were flowing and beautiful Black artists of the LGBT came out as their future selves and/or costumed as their favorite Black Icons of past or present. I partied till 4 in the morning, without realizing how fast time was flying. (Friends & Family) 

I kicked it with some friends in Upstate, took a mini road trip just to order some Chic-fil-A in PA. We shared music, laughter and arguments. It was lit. (Friends & Family) 

Finally found a spiritual living center to attend this past Sunday. Started my ministry classes this past Saturday. (Spirituality) 

I've been meeting with my Peak Performance Partner weekly for going on six weeks now. We are both making progress in our respective goals and she shared with me that our meetings are really helping her. They're helping me a lot too. (Personal Development) 

I've been participating in #BrittneBabe's21DayChallenge. Some days are GREAT. Some days are bad (like that day I fell down the stairs). Either way, I am still giving my health perfection the attention it deserves. (Health Perfection) 

I've been tithing consistently and watching blessings fall from the sky. Resolved to start paying items on my credit report. I feel very satisfied with the money that's flowing and the opportunities that are coming to me. (Finances) 

And, speaking of opportunities, I finally discovered a way to transition into working full time as a coach and Diviner. I'm very pleased with the method that Spirit has revealed to me. I have a plan in place and I am starting to work it. Thank God. (Purpose Work) 

Haven Coaching's 9-Month ReCreate Life Program has shown me that these life areas are all intertwined and build one on top of the other. It's been a beautiful unfolding and I suspect that come April, my life will look completely different than it did in the beginning of this solo coaching program. 

I'm still going strong with The Permanent Prosperity Project. Today is day 25. We are focusing on Personal Development for the next 10 days. I am happy with the progress and find that when I go back to listen to these prayers over and over, my energy is remarkably improved. (Purpose Work)

How's your first month of the New Year (2017) coming along? 



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