That Time I Fell Off My Fast (and what I'm Doing about it) and Why I Have The Best Sisters On Planet Earth

I started the Permanent Prosperity Project on the Spirit Majik Blog 18 days ago today. I also started fasting the same day. I was on liquids and I cut out the base-chakra-vibration music (i.e. ratchet, r&b & rap). I have been studying, praying and listening to my intuition and I am gaining some amazing results. Answers to questions are literally falling OUT the sky. People are sending me all types of gifts and God is responding to my prayers pronto. 

I am also being guided to do very specific things. Market a specific way, speak to certain people, stay home, go here, forgive, calm down, tithe to these people, read this book, check out this website, click on this video, work out, drink water, pray in private etc...

Sounds great right? Well, here's the issue. I stopped fasting on Day 8, promising myself that I would get right back to it after the weekend (because THAT usually works) and so far? No good. Now, I am also in The Month of Friends and Family which is hella  ironic since this is the time I've decided to crawl inside of my shell and keep my phone on DND.

(So, if you call and repeatedly get my voicemail, that, my friend, is why. It's not that I don't love you all, obvi. It's just that my intuition led me to do so. Now, some of the numbers that were in my phone were deleted and blocked. And, that's a whole other story. But, I am confident in my decision. Not to mention, by the time I'd finished my silent disconnecting, I only had 77 contacts left. For the uninitiated, 77 is a master number that means you're on the right path! Boo-YOW!) 

Now, back to my slacking. We are in month six of my 8 month ReCreate Life Solo coaching program (where I am leading myself through a 8 month program, focusing on one major life area for one full month for 8 consecutive months). Whew! It's been a journey, and I am loving it. The cherry on top is that I am showing myself just how consistent I can be! Take THAT ego! 

Now, my inner world is changing at such a rapid rate, I barely have had the opportunity to post an update on the Fuegalife "Basic Rights" Blog, so that's what I'm doing here now. For those who have been following along -- I'm pretty sure there's a grand total of one of you -- THANKS CARESSA!  Here's where I am: 

My lifestyle-fitness goals (the major life area I focused on back in October) just have NOT received the dedication they require of me and I'm getting a little miffed about it - but in a good way.

Now, my High School Sweetheart -- HEARTTHROB!!!! -- sent me this text message recently where he introduced me to BrittneBabe. And, I'm thinking...I've got to turn up the fire on myself, because I'm a big, sloppy, fat ass mess right now and caNOT keep looking at this cow-belly (Jesus, are you listening?), I've decided to join in the process over the next 21 days to whip myself into better shape and to, more importantly, develop the new habit of BODY CARE. Yeehaw :( 

Now, that means, you're going to be seeing some very frightening photos of me. But, who cares. It must be done. Here's where my Blood Sisters being the best women on the planet ties in, see... My Sister Maya is a REAL ONE. She loves books as much as I do and is the most fun 17-year old child to be around. She can keep any secret like nobody's business ('cause it ain't nobody's f*n business) and is seriously hilarious. She's honest to a painful fault and she keeps it 100! I love spending time with her, even when she's grumpy. My Sister Halle is a BEAST. She obtained 3 degrees in 4 years and actually pays her student loans and works two jobs. She has a drool-worthy shoe collection, cooks me spaghetti whenever I want it and her snapchat stays poppin! Honestly, I don't know where this girl is from. My Baby Sis Jada is innocent, happy, funny, and got a little attitude these days. She keeps me grounded and touches my heart like nobody else in this world. Love you Jay!

Halle recently committed herself to the BrittenBabe 21 Day Challenge which is deeply inspiring to me. Maya supports us by laughing and eating bowls of cereal while watching us exercise. Yeah... Real good girls, they are! 

So... Stay tuned for those yucky pictures, will ya? 


Ayo, out.

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