Change Your Life In Months

The plan was to spend one full month (for 8 consecutive months) focusing on each of the 8 major/important areas of our lives (spirituality, personal development, health, purpose-work, finances, friends & family, partnership and recreation), followed by one wrap-up month.  So, a total of 9 months. 

It started with Spirituality in August. Then, Self-Improvement in September. October jumps off our month of Health. 

This is a review of Haven Coaching's 9-month ReCreate Life, and my personal success with it. 

August was a special month for me. I'd just relocated back home to upstate New York with the family, and I was settling in nicely. But, I wanted to generate increased personal income, so I went on the hunt for a gig. The month before (in July) I'd been carjacked, at gunpoint, outside my home in New Orleans, so I was wanting a personal car, as well. 

Game on!

Now, as everyone knows, when I kick into high-gear regarding my goals and aims, in life, I am always happiest when I am surrounded by a bunch of boss-women who are on the same vibe. So, I decided to launch a coaching program. The introduction call hosted over a dozen women. I was happy, because most shared an intense interest, but when it came time to commit to investing financially into the coaching program, more than half dipped. 

Cool.  My aim was to keep dues low enough that the money wouldn't be an issue, but significant enough that folks would come to get what they paid for. I only ever want people who are fully here for it, if you know what I mean. Well, we got off to a powerful start and most of the women were showing up, but even after paying dues, most weren't consistently joining calls. 

I was annoyed, but I kept plugging away, refusing to make excuses of my own. I was traveling most of the time we had calls scheduled. I didn't care. Nothing was keeping me from those calls! I was determined.  Things went well, until the first weekend in September. I was late for my first call.  I still released it that day, though.  The next week, no one showed. I was relieved, because I was wiped out from all of my working and traveling, so I rested and a few days later, I un-regretfully cut the cord on the program, but I continued it alone - just as if I were my own client. Ha-cha!! ;)  

So, here's a recap:

In the month of August, we discussed everything from the majik of nature and autonomous witchcraft, to religiously engaging personal spiritual practices. In my own life, during this month, the majik of GRATITUDE became a force and took me to new levels of inner peace and joyful acceptance. I turned to my personal practices and manifested a gig at a downtown law firm in New York, without the triviality of having to be interviewed. I simply received a call. They needed someone immediately, and I was in. Now, I am a full-time employee - enjoying all the perks and a cozy monthly income. 

From the day that my car was stolen and torched, I also noticed that I hadn't gone a day without a car to drive. For much of this month (August), I didn't even have to worry about adding gas to the tank. There was always someone putting cash in my hands, before I even had to think about. Sweeeeeeeet. I also traveled to New York City (for the first time in my 27 years) to see Chicago on Broadway with my sisters and mom. We stayed as the Hotel Pen in Manhattan, right across the street from Madison Square Garden.  Lit.

How did I manifest all of this inside of 30 days? How did I go from one trip to the next without sweating how to pay for any of it? GRATITUDE. I flex my gratitude muscles constantly, by giving thanks for any little thing I can think and for thoroughly enjoying the little things in life. A hot mug of citrus-y tea, a funny meme text from a friend, a cute guy in the lobby. I bubble over with delight! 

A couple weeks after that I went to visit my big sister, Infinity, in the burbs of Philly, for her birthing ceremony.  Lots of spiritual rituals and manifestation was popping off. Not to mention my psychology was on a definite upswing from all of the gratitude work I was dong every evening.  

To learn the techniques that empowered me to attract a job and 4 vehicles to choose from and drive at leisure, and too many trips to name look no further than The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, author of the world-renowned book, The Secret This stuff works.

September came fast. And, if you don't know now, you will learn soon enough I am a book junkie! Check out my books on So, to kick off this beautiful  month of transitions, I flew cross-country (only spending 20¢ out of pocket, you know, #BossWitch style). I met my big sister Vanecia over in Portland, Oregon. Our reason for going? Funny you should ask, friend! We went for the City of Books, of course. 

We ended up discovering that Portland has a mental issue it's neglecting, possibly due to a lack of vitamin D. But, we also fell for the super duper legit public transportation system, the quiet of Washington (right over the bridge), the amazing veggie burgers at Little Big Burger and the #heavenly ice cream made and served at Salt & Straw in Alberta. And, the craft ciders at Portland Cider Co., definitely gave me life.  Overall, it was a dope trip. I walked away with a copy of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms.   

Vishen, you're the bomb!

I also manifested a personal car this month, which I actually started driving in September, but which was gifted to me, by my parents. A 2014 Fiat 500, yes please!  Newer than my baby blue CLK 500, less flashy. I don't wanna hurt 'em too badly, out here. 

The end of September, brought a shift. I was manifesting with ease. I was taking great control and responsibility over my time. There were 102 days left in the year. I decided I also wanted to start working out at LA Fitness and breath yoga studios all around Greater Rochester.  I recruited two coworkers to be my accountability partners.  So, self-improvement month flowed beautifully and seamlessly into this month of health.  I set goals using this method.  There are 90 days left in 2016, I highly encourage you to get yourself some short-term goals and to flow into 2017 with grace, ease, power, riding the wave of accomplishment.  You might even consider setting a HEALTH goal for the month and rocking it for the next 3 months. 

If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to drop me a line.  I will be posting video overviews of Spirituality and Self-improvement months this week!! :) 

Loving ya's, 

a y o

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