Permanent Prosperity Project With Ayodele Fuega


I'm going to do something I've never quite done before (and I'm scared as shit). 

I am putting myself to TASK to accomplish my final two major goals by the Equinox (March 20, 2017). Those goals: Slimming back down to my normal/ideal weight and doubling my personal net (monthly) income. I've started and stopped, tried and failed, over and over, for about two years now (mostly because I never fully committed...but, I'm committing now because I have barred myself from setting new goals until these last two goals are accomplished. Within the past 100 days I had a total of 7 major goals and easily accomplished 5 of them. Now, we're down to these last two).

And, I'm at a point where stagnation feels like hell and progression feels like a MUST. 
(note to ayo)

(note to ayo)

So, here's the plan (ready?) - I am tying in fasting (think juices and smoothies) with my...

 ReCreate Life 8 month solo coaching program (where we focus for an entire month on one specific major life area) with...

 #88Days (remember that?). #88Days was a process and a program to expand God-consciousness. #88 Days has transformed. Now, #88 Days = 88 Prayers for Permanent Prosperity which means I am starting #88Days from scratch and will organize the prayers like this... 

  1. 11 Days - Getting to know God FOR REAL (Spirituality)
  2. 11 Days - Healing EVERYthing & ANYthing from incurable and fatal dis-ease to broken hearts and hangnails (Health Perfection)
  3. 11 Days - Conditioning ourselves to progress without pause (Personal Development) 
  4. 11 Days - Falling in love with work work work work work and living your purpose (Purpose Work)
  5. 11 Days - Making it rain (Finances) 
  6. 11 Days - Connecting with ancestors and amplifying (the) love around you (Friends & Family)
  7. 11 Days - Calling in The One (Partnership/Marriage)
  8. 11 Days - Transforming your boring life into an endless celebration, yeee! (ReCreatioin)

You will be TRANSFORMED if you actually tune into the prayers thereby priming your consciousness and watching miracles happen all around you. These prayers are the kinds of prayers that demonstrate, honey ;). I will be launching everything from my new blogsite I will broadcast a prayer every single day beginning December 23, 2016 from here:

Yesterday (12/21/16) was the Solstice. In 88 days (not including today) will be the true New Year and Equinox (3/20/2017). Journey with me! Let's rock this. 

Read? Set...


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