Yeshua/Jesus: The Mystic I Grew Up With

Some of my friends are returning to their Christian roots. Some are approaching the Bible from a historical stance, others from a Hebraic or scientific position. Either way, my friends are interested in the Bible, which is influencing my interest. I've been reading it and I have to tell you - it's a juicy book.

Take for instance, the story about the daughter of Leah and Jacob (later called Israel)--Dinah. So, she and her family are in Canaan, in a small city and a dude named Schechem rapes her. Then, has the nerve to come 'round like: But I  really like Dinah and I want to marry her so let's trade our women for yours, cool? So, then (Leah, Rachel, and) Jacob's son's are like: Bet, but first all y'all gotta be circumcised like us, then we'll trade women. So, Schechem and his crew consult with all their menfolk and they all agree to get their foreskin cut. Now, three days after they all get circumcised, these men are in some serious PAIN! That's when Leah and Jacob's two sons Levi and Simeon (Dinah's  brothers) come in and kill all of these men and rob them and carry off their kids and wives. And so, Jacob's all like: Yooooo! Y'all buggin'! Now, it's gonna be some drama for me because you killed all the men in the whole city. And his sons are like: So, you just want us to let some dudes treat our sister like trash?

See? Real gangsta!

Yeah so, like I was saying, my friends are returning to Christianity, reading their bibles which naturally segues into talking about Jesus. And I'm like cool! Yeshua/Jesus is the mystic I grew up with. In my mind, we're talking about the greatest magician/alchemist/holyman/Son of God/prayer-warrior/demonstrator/manifestor/prophet/spiritual leader to walk the planet. (All of that!) 

But, even with all of that greatness there are  a lot of people who hate on this man. And, there are even a few who seem to have an issue with ME for not joining in on the arrogance of their hate.

Like come on! I get it - all the watering down of the Bible that's happened; and all of the evil things that have been done in the name of Christendom (to destroy Christendom); I get that Jesus ain't what his mama named him; and December 25th ain't his birthday; and that he never professed to be God Himself. I get all of that.

Maybe we're talking about the sun and maybe we're talking about another stolen legend of African descent. Even still, I'm willing to explore this Bible and the life/story of this legend for myself.

I know some of y'all think he never existed. I don't agree with that. And, I'm sure there's a reason for all of the confusion. So, to that I say: I take the position that Yeshua existed at some point in time, somewhere in the Middle East, was a Black man and had some amazing life-revolutionizing perspectives to share (and could pray up a storm, heal anything, and slay a legion of demons without breaking a sweat because He understood that he is ONE with The Most High).

Now, don't confuse the foregoing statement. I'm not asking for your blind faith. I'm not asking for your permission. I'm not asking for your agreement. I'm not asking you to convert I'm not asking you to trade your preferred scriptures for some other collection of scriptures. I'm not asking for your opinion, although you're always welcome to share. I'm not asking you for anything. 

All I'm saying is some people have been saying some slick shit and commenting on shit in ways that I don't allow in my life. And, honestly, I think folks just got me a little confused, which is perfectly fine -- I mean, it wouldn't be the first time. :) For the sake of clarity, I've said it before, I'll say it again. As long as I got one Christian friend, I'm down with the Christians (even if I'm not down with everything they think, say, or do). 

As for me: the term I resonate with the most (currently) is Spirit.  But, do you remember when Yeshua was about to bounce and head back to his right-hand seat (beside the throne of God) and told folks he'd be imparting Holy Spirit to stay to keep and guide us? Yeah. That part!

But, because I'm a tree-hugging, om-chanting, prayer bead-counting, scientific-praying, yoga-stretching, rose quartz-toting WITCH people got shit twisted about me. They think I don't love that Black Messiah, that King of Kings, that Prince of Peace, that healing-with-his-garments-and-shadow-and-Word BROTHA! But how could I not? I'm INCLUSIVE, rather than EXCLUSIVE. That's the whole point.  Not that I just magically started caring what people think...but I am noticing more comments lately, and I need some of y'all to have several seats. 

Don't think I got a problem with Yeshua because I recognize the beauty and life and majik of nature and divination and other spiritual practices and scriptures. To me spellcasting is another method of prayer. And, it's all good because Spirit and I got a good thing going on. Trust.

At the end of the day, my many friends are a blessing to me because, for the most part, they aren't afraid to tell me anything. I am religiously unaffiliated (and have been for 10 years) but remain ever multi-spiritual. That is a cute, wordy way of saying I'm not locked in or exclusively committed to any particular religious group, book, congregation, denomination, holiday(s), or building. I will go to church, synagogue, mosque, parliament, labyrinth, drum circle, kriya yoga, or no where. I will chant, pray Muslima style, bust an asana, fast like Daniel, or observe Sabbath Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.

I will listen. I will receive. I will study. I will LEARN from near anyone. Now, I have one friend who is open to satanism. And, another who read a little too much Ayn Rand and was bordering on atheism. I'm not really interested in any of that but, I've heard them out on occasions and learned some interesting and useful things from them too.

Truly, the only rule I have when it comes to spirituality (any path, philosophy, methodology, form, or practice) is no superstition.

That basically means I don't spend time talking about all the negative trash that doesn't amount to anything when held up to the Light of Spirit. So, no devil, demons, curses, jinx, attacking, dark majik, jinn, Aleister Crowley, satan's bible, hexes or hotdog water for me, please.

Other than that Spirit's voice is the primary voice I pay attention to above and before any human no matter how close we are, so y'all can say what y'all want. 

Ready, Set...



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