December 'Finances Month' Ahas

This morning, I glanced at my whiteboard and noticed I had a lot of really highfalutin-sounding money goals that I guess are supposed to come across spiritual and eventually make me a good person. (Like !?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!)

But, the honest truth that I realized in that moment was I really don't give a s___ about any of those posted goals, at least not at the moment. In fact, anytime I see them I squirm on the inside because I am reminded that I am not living up to some standard that isn't even aligned with my true standards, ideals, and values.

So, I cleared those goals out and refocused YET AGAIN on my real desires and goals, which are few in number and extremely important to me. In so doing, an issue I've struggled with was perceived with new understanding.

The issue I've struggled with? Consistency.

The new light: The impossibility of remaining consistent to a goal I truly don't give a shit about.

Let's say you set a goal to read the bible in 365 days or you set a  goal to go vegan or start practicing hot yoga or whatever. The important thing is that you know WHY this is important to YOU. If it isn't important at all be honest with yourself. If it is important to your mama but not to you, you may want to let it go. If it is important to your hippie friends but not to you, you are allowed to pass on it. If it is important to your Hindu relatives but not to you you are invited to forego it. 

Your goals are a highway sign to yourself and your subconscious mind of what you will be devoting time, energy, thought, imaginative force, will-power, strength, passion, and money into manifesting and aligning yourself with. If you are not selecting (money) goals that are important to you, nothing in you will support continuing with the charade for very long. This is why people fall off and condemn themselves as unreliable and inconsistent.

You are not weak-willed, unreliable, or inconsistent (especially if you can hold down a day job - that requires LOTS of consistency). You may simply have some weak goals that require reevaluation. 




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