December: The Month of Finances

The Month of Finances is upon us, and I'm out here tracking every red cent like a verified G! November was sweeter than sweet, and gave me enormous revelations as I focused myself and my energies on Purpose-Work. God is faithful. I feel like a new person and I am noticing myself doing things differently. For instance, I committed to doing a card reading last night and when it was time to do the reading I was dozing in and out of sleep. I'd only had 4 hours of sleep a piece for the last couple of nights, but I was determined. I woke up out of my sleep, turned on the lights and did what I said I was going to do. 

Working with the phenomenal text by Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect, sharpened my perspective. I simply can't help but notice my patterns and habits. I am sure there are some things I am missing, but with the things I am noticing, I can't help but feel, in my spirit, that I am responsible and capable of making a shift. I am not perfect, and will forever reserve the right to change my mind. But, I am also reconnecting with the power to be more impeccable with my word and to be more calculating in my decision making. This skill is coming in handy when it comes to my finances, and making the necessary choices and changes in my life. 

I've had people reach out to me and ask me how Haven Coaching's ReCreate Life Program is coming along. I thought I'd take a moment to share with you the big points that have made this journey consistent and successful for me, thus far. 

  1. The 9 months are devoted to each of the major life areas, as determined by me. Those are Spirituality, Personal Development, Health, Purpose-Work, Finances, Friends and Family, Partnership and Lifestyle. The final month is a wrap-up month. 
  2. The 8 life areas are prioritized, cumulative and compounding. That means they are listed in order of importance FOR ME, they have been building one on top of the others (which means I continue to dedicate myself to each of these life areas), and each one augments every other life area.  
  3. Each month I focus on one big goal or project aligned with that month's theme. With Spirituality I practiced meditation. I have maintained it by establishing a daily morning ritual for myself involving meditation and prayer. With Personal Development I practiced goal-setting. I have sustained this practice by checking in daily and developing a personalized tracking system. With Health, I became more active and started going to the gym and yoga. I have continued going to the gym and yoga and I plan to develop a personal at-home yoga practice. With Purpose-work, I completed coursework for a business class I had been lolly-gagging in. I am carrying on with the Purpose-Work by implementing what I've learned. In this month of finances, I'm watching the money and controlling it with more purpose, vigilance, and vigor. 
  4. Every month has brought a miracle of its own, and I believe the same with happen for you! I have met amazing people, discovered gorgeous places and been blessed simply for staying on this path and trusting Spirit through everything. 

I encourage you to commit yourself to a program aligned with or similar to this one. It will PAY, trust me. Stay tuned for more insights and wisdom as I journey this Month of Finances! Leave a comment below and let me know what your financial best practices are! 



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