All it takes is a little bit

When you say "I love you." and He says, "I love you too." Not 143, ily, I luv you, or I love u... Cause, why the fuck can't you just spell that shit out for me? 

When he calls to say, he's almost home. 

When he asks about your sisters and listens to the updates. 

When he gives you good advice from a male's perspective. 

When he puts together a playlist for you (remember mixed tapes and CDs? LOL)

When he sees you're not happy, and stops what he's doing to check-in with you. 

When he sees you dancing in the kitchen while making dinner and comes and lets you back that thang up on him. 

When he calls you on your birthday. 

When he calls, period.

When he brings you your favorite snack. 

When he asks you about your goals. 

When he explains the situation to you. 

When he communicates fully, instead of leaving details to that overactive female imagination of yours. (For example, since a lot of these men are SLOW...Instead of saying: "Sorry something came up." He says: "I am late because my mother asked me to stop by this morning and the conversation ran a bit long, you know how Moms is when she gets to yapping, next time I will call and let you know my status.")

When he puts the joystick (or whatever they're called these days, controller?) down and picks your fat ass up!

When he compliments your winged eyeliner, or your effortless bun. 

When he grabs your ass, or gives it a love-tap while walking by. 

When he lets you pick the show or movie.

When he watches you walk.

When he takes you out on a surprise dinner.

When he covers the bill without conversation.

When he compliments the softness of your skin, or relishes the tightness of your...

When he takes the baby from you and tells you to go enjoy a bath or a nap, he'll handle it. 

When he calls to ask you if you  need or want anything from the store.

When he draws the bath for you and has it waiting for you when you come home. 

When he rubs your feet, while watching the game or a movie. 

When he lets you in on the joke. 

When he tells you what's on his mind, for real. 

When he asks you to explain your feelings to him, so he will understand. 

When he offers a solution and sticks with it.

When he puts your favorite song on for you. 

When he puts the phone down and gives you eye contact. 

When he asks you if you will be his girl.

When he persists. 

When he makes plans for you two. 

When he just won't give up on the two of you. 

When he kisses your hand. 

When he tells the truth. 

When he considers your feelings. 

When he is considerate. 

When he loves to see his girl smile. 


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