December: Month of Finances

I am halfway through the month and I've finally set a goal (just this moment), to get as clear as I possibly can going forward regarding the vibration and energy of abundant financial wellness, in my life. Next, I plan to assume the vibration through various spiritual practices like gratitude, celebrating, going on rampages of appreciation, traveling, creating, and visualizing/daydreaming. Then, ATTRACT ATTRACT ATTRACT! 

This month of finances continues to reveal to me that my USE of money reflects specifically my PRIORITIES and VALUES. Some are empowering, some are acceptable (for now). Some, I could live without. 

Every day this month, I've been reminded that next month is the month of Family & Friends, where I get to make some bridge-burning decisions, as well some reconciling decisions. Can't wait. Basically, I haven't been able to stop noticing how much time is carelessly wasted on foolishness (by myself and others), and how much I'm being demagnetized from certain people, conversations, paradigms, and worldviews (Thank You, God!!). All experiences are NOT created equal and I am coming to a place of inner-standing where I feel better than fine ignoring some things while saying YES YES YES to other things (and people). 

Overall, I entered this Month of Finances with some very noble intentions (LOL) and an underlying vibe of anxiety, that I am now letting go of. I fell straight off of my tracking practice after day two and spent all of my pocket money, literally down to the last penny before getting another big chunk of money to roll around in. (Cha-Ching Cha-Ching, Thanks Spirit!)

I have high hopes for this new goal, and can't wait to get started on it, in 3...2...



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