October 2016 = Health

This is the month of HEALTH over at Haven Coaching, and I am in my happy place!

There are tons of websites, blogs, detoxes, work out regimens, beauty tips, natural remedies, books, yoga teachers and types of waters out there. I have been exploring HEALTH for years and I have come across some real bomb ish! 

I am grateful for the opportunity to share some of my favorite things with you. I pray for the health perfection of God to follow and envelope you all the days of your life, and to make your journey pleasant and peaceful!

Here are some of my tips for living a life of blissful health 
  1. Spirit at the front-and-center
    • We started this journey with Spirituality for a reason. Spirit is EVERYTHING. Spirit is the beginning and end and all points in between. So, it is only logical that our HEALTHY LIVING begins with our spirituality. 
    • Pray, meditate, read scripture, be still EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 
    • Your faith can and will always heal you. Do not sleep on it, ever. Do not ever forget God is in the midst of every situation and is ready to deliver you and heal you always. 
  2. Water
    • The other morning I woke up to The Voice of Spirit saying DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK
    • That magical substance - who wouldn't want to drink it? Your body is made up of Water & Spirit (energy). About 4 liters or 1 gallon of water throughout the day, should do! 
    • Drink up, honey. DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK
  3. Breathe
    • Ujjayi breathing in yoga class
    • Inhaling the healing scents of my Young Living Essential Oils 
    • Deep breathing first thing in the morning to cleanse the lungs (this releases more toxins in the body than pooping does)
    • And speaking of pooping:breathing and putting a footstool under your feet during a BM helps to release more waste from your system. 
  4. Move
    • Daily movement is a requirement for optimal living (hike, walk, jog/run, cycle, yoga, belly dance, aerial dance, pole dance, MMA, kickboxing, shit - tae bo, ain't no shame)
    • Pick something or multiple things, get that playlist tight and go H.A.M.
    • And speaking of a tight playlist, I've been listening to the music I listened to when I was a teen, and it's giving me great vibes. It is also a little disturbing at times to think which lyrics I sang, but didn't understand in my teens!! There's something about listening to those back-in-the-day tunes, that really boosts the mood and makes me feel playful and youthful!
  5. Rest
    • Laying down and resting when I'm excited or feeling really motivated, isn't easy for me 
    • I use ASMR (see: Heather Feather on YouTube) to put me to sleep almost immediately
    • Eating a banana before bed it also effective, bananas contain melatonin
    • I also LOVE lavender-scented Dr. Bronner's castile soap and Young Living lavender essential oil. This scent really puts me in the mood. To sleep, it puts me in the mood to sleep! ;) Which reminds me...
  6. Touch! 
    • You didn't just all of a sudden stop needing to be hugged and loved and cuddled and touched and comforted when you grew up
    • Touch is still a vital part of keeping humans alive.
    • Hug, touch and enjoy affection as often as possible! 
    • Mae West said: An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. I wonder what 4 or 5 will do? 
  7. Passion
    • We spend a vast amount of our peak hours at work, therefore work MUST be delightful
    • The moment work becomes stressful for me I go all in (informing the relevant parties) advocating for myself
    • I don't play those stress games; and, plus, I know myself, if I'm not having enough of a good time in my workplace I'll make it rain recognition letters in this bitch
    • But, the most VITAL aspect of passion-and-health is doing life-affirming things you LOVE to do, without shame or blame or guilt or watching the clock 
    • For me those passioante things are learning, reading, writing, blogging, filming, exploring, going to Temple, traveling, going on adventures and playing
  8. Friends
    • I am never confused about who my friends are
    • My friends make my life awesome, so I easily and naturally make time for them (Duh)
    • And, that means LISTENING to them, asking followup questions, being there for them, encouraging them, praying with them and celebrating them - whatever they need
    • The joy friends bring to life is one of the pillars of a good, happy, healthy life, I believe
    • This also includes being friendly, personable, lively, warm, welcoming, honest, communicative, clear and being bold enough to make new friends (YES NEW FRIENDS, sorry Drake)
  9. Fasting
    • I am learning that health is almost automatically when we stop doing certain things altogether or on a temporary basis
    • Some things to consider NOT doing include:living in a filthy home, maintaining certain relationships, smoking (especially tobacco), watching TV shows, drinking coffee (caffeine), eating breads, eating flour/sugar/salt, eating meat, gossiping, watching the news, complaining, eating pasta
  10. Reading 
    • Continually learning about healing and well-being is important because we can only do what we know
    • This also includes taking classes and watching documentaries. I have been watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 and attending the Assisi Institute for meditation and Spirit Crystal Connection for essential oils class
    • One of my all-time favorite health documentaries is Last Days of Left Eye (on YouTube)
  11. Thinking
    • This should have been first
    • The primary thing in HEALING is your MIND - you must THINK in terms of health in order to live a healthy life


That's all for now :) Loving you! 

xx. A

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