My Passion, My Purpose, My Desire

For longer than I can say, I have been considering a niche for my business. And contemplating a question:  What is the work, service, product, contribution, value or idea I desire to bring to the World? As I write this, my eyes are drawn again and again to images of Frida Kahlo at the background edges of my computer screen.

I wonder if these types of questions about niche and products ever consumed her mind the way they have been consuming mine lately.  If I had to guess, I would say no - Frida is the type of woman much too absorbed in the  now-ness of living, loving, growing, introspecting and expressing to ask such silly questions. 

It wasn't until I quieted my mind in preparation for a process of Life Visioning that I was reminded of something powerful and given a guiding idea for my business. 1. I know myself. And 2. I am free to give whatever I have on a moment-to-moment basis. 

In real life, knowing myself means I know my interests, expertise, goals and the like and I trust myself to explore these areas and development in and with them.  And, giving what I have right now looks like sharing my reflections via blog, working on book projects that reflect my culmination of wisdom and knowledge, and selling products that I use and derive great benefits from. In this way, I am compensated for being myself and living my life passionately and empowering others to do the exact same. 

My passion is Spirit-Mind Power, neuroscience and human potential. My purposes are infinite - it really is only a matter of making myself most useful wherever I find myself. My desire, is to live an Enchanted Life and to help others do the same. I desire to live in a world that is ALIVE with NATURAL, MAJIKAL things - dreams, rituals, laughter, adventures, travels, trips, fresh foods of the earth, meeting new people, listening to stories, being swallowed whole by new cultures, music - making the world COME ALIVE and exiting the dreary, colorless, boring existence of work-a-day living.

Being FREE finally and truly, in ways that satisfy the Spirit within me. Revolutionizing the WORLD by choosing to live differently and intentionally. Taking authority and self-responsibility, back. 

Frida had a horrible accident when she was a teenager and lived with physical pain for the rest of her life, she took to art and fell in love over and over again - endured heartbreak, was an activist. She was herself. She became a legend and an icon. Her passion and introspection and the art that came of this, is what endures. 

My business is being myself. My niche is me and my interests. My desire is demonstrate ENCHANTED LIVING so we may all really LIVE.



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