How To Manifest A New Home: Part 1

I woke up this morning with a desire to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN and then clean some more. All I knew is I wanted to enjoy a beautiful, warm, comfortable home today. I also wanted others to enjoy this type of space - so I got to cleaning. I didn't really think about it at all, I just started cleaning. 

I have a friend, I lived with briefly in Atlanta - he said: I like the way you clean. You clean thoroughly. I thought about this while I was cleaning, it gave me the confidence to do a great job. 

Now, did I want to flush and clean up someone else's pee and poop? Of course not. Did I want to cover someone else's two-week old chores? Not particularly. Did I want to wake up at 7 am and scrub dishes and floors? I would have settled for watching Luke Cage, honestly. So, why did I do it? Because, I desire a beautiful, cozy, comfortable and clean home. I deserve it and I am worthy of it, no question. 

And somewhere between cleaning my refrigerator and vacuuming the upstairs apartment, I had a realization! Last year, I went from riding the bus to pushing my own Mercedes in just two months. Then, this year my car was stolen and the next day I had another car (and it wasn't because I had the world's greatest insurance - actually I had NO insurance). 

The way I manifest cars when I don't have one is that I imagine that any car I drive in the interim is MY car. Even when I am riding the bus, I imagine that my private driver has picked me and all my friends up, and isn't it convenient that I get to read while he navigates morning traffic? And, when I say this I am not even remotely joking. 

I spent some time with my Scientology friends last year, they are pretty clean folks, as far as I have seen. They have a thing they call "completing cycles of action." Where I'm from, we call that "clean up after yo self!" 

It's simple:Get out of the bed? Make the bed up. Use a cup? Clean the cup and put it away. Wash your hair? Clean up your hair and clean the drain. Done using a pen? Put it back in the pen holder. Take off your clothes? Hang them up or deposit them into the laundry hamper. Get it yet? Do you live like this? I work to apply this to my life consistently. Sometimes, I imagine it looks like I am organizing endlessly - but what I am doing is keeping my life in order and feel damn good because of it. 

And, make no mistake, there's really nothing better than waking up or coming home to a CLEAN home. Oh...yes! Back to the purpose of this blog... Manifesting you home is EASY - just treat your current home like it's YOUR ideal home. To everyone else it can look like the sunroom at your mom's house, a dorm at a community college, a bunk at a shelter or some backwoods cabin you stumbled upon. It really doesn't matter. Simply treat this home as if it is YOUR home. 

Maybe, like me, you desire to permanently END your career of living with filthy or messy roommates or relatives. You can end many of your concerns TODAY. If the reason you don't desire to live with your current home-mates is that the home is too messy, then clean up. Not your mess? Clean it up anyway. Instantly (or within a few hours) you'll be living in a cleaner home. Voila! Just like that. 

Your home-mates come back in and mess it up? Do not complain. Imagine that they are children your babysitting for a short period of time or they are houseguests (who will soon clear out) and CLEAN IT UP AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. You might even want to set aside an half hour or an hour to sweep and clean the home in the evenings, e v e r y d a y. 

Maybe you think I just don't understand and you live with monsters who can make a home look like a hurricane came through in less than a day! Well, in that case, manage YOUR personal space, and imagine that this tiny space is YOUR home. I promise, though, having mothered and cleaned up after 3 stepchildren (in two separate marriages - that's a total of 6) - it is more possible and probable with compassionate communication. But, that's something altogether different. 

The important thing for now, is understanding that by doing anything and everything you can to live inside of the new manifestation NOW - it will arrive in no time. 

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